1966 E Type FHC (KT)
Mechanical rebuild with significant performance upgrades


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Major mechanical upgrade including a Stage One engine rebuild, CJ5/600 five speed, uprated cooling, ignition, brakes, suspension, etc.



Update report - October 18, 2013

Engine and CJ5/600 transmission now installed....

Putting the finishing touches to your Stage One engine rebuild.




 One of the most beautiful engines in the automotive world


Short block now ready for assembly...

Balancing your crankshaft



Time to start assembling your short block


Balancing flywheel and clutch, painting engine block after machine work...





Engine short block machine work in progress...

Tearing down a replacement engine block
Block now stripped bare



With cylinder liners removed, water jackets unusually clear
Align honing main housings



Cylinders being rough honed to approximate size



Finish honing done with a torque plate

Repairing stripped out oil pan drain plug, rebuilding front suspension, Wilwood front brakes...

 Repairing stripped out oil drain plug hole



 New threads cut
 New front susp bushings, upper and lower balljoints



Wilwood brakes, drilled and slotted front rotors
Gas tank will be removed, cleaned and re-sealed

We now have your Stage One engine rebuild underway...

Using the machine shop crane to remove the cylinder head
Base line flow test in progress

This morning we strapped your E Type to the Dyno to record some baseline power numbers. As you can see, the car didn't do very well, topping out at only 118 HP and about 190 ft/lbs of torque. It will be fun to revisit the Dyno after carrying out a Stage One engine rebuild and various other mechanical upgrades over the next few months...

Establishing some baseline power numbers before we
begin our work
This car is in a poor state of tune, as received


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