1965 E Type roadster (KS)
Major mechanical overhaul and performance upgrades


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total mechanical overhaul with significant high performance upgrades, including a Team CJ Stage Two 4.7 L engine rebuild. This E Type belongs to motorcycle legend Kevin Schwantz, and our goal is to build Kevin one of the fastest road legal E Types in the country.

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As we are typically building cars for people thousands of miles away, it is always a treat for us when we have a local customer who can pick up his or her car personally. In this case, motorcycle legend Kevin Schwantz and his faithful friend Tank visited CJ earlier this morning to pick up Kevin's E Type. They should be easy to spot out and about in Austin!

Chris Scarborough explaining all the controls and
switches to Kevin
It has been a thrill for Chris to work on his
hero's E Type!

Time for a test drive!
Kevin and Tank ready for the open road!

We had lots of fun road testing your car yesterday, and even strapped on the Go Pro camera to capture some of the sights and sounds on film for you. Click on the image below to link to the video.

Click on the image above to view a 5 minute video of road testing (filmed 12/14/15)

Fine tuning the engine on the chassis Dyno..

Team CJ Stage Two 4.7L engine is putting down some impressive numbers on the chassis Dyno (click on image above for video clip)

Stage Two 4.7L engine developing
huge torque
Great power output even in conservative
street tune

Your Stage Two headers and exhaust system have now arrived and we are only a day or two from firing her up!

Weber carbs now installed

Team CJ Stage Two headers and exhaust

Engine and transmission now installed...

Engine bay filling up rapidly

Grade 8 fasteners used throughout
Koni shocks front and rear

Almost ready for the 45 DCOE Webers

I am pleased to report that we have now installed the rebuilt IRS and the car is almost ready to set back on its wheels. We have also begun the process of installing the new wiring loom, and we have received your stunning Borrani CJ wire wheels. Lots of progress!

New fuel line fabricated and installed beneath car
Rebuilt IRS now installed

Almost time to put the car back on its wheels

Pedal box rebuilt and reinstalled, new clutch
and brake master cylinders
Laying new wiring loom in place

Installing the new dash harness
Stunning Borrani CJ wheel

Installing steering rack, front suspension, brakes, etc..

Installing new stainless steel heater pipes
behind the firewall
Wiper motor rebuilt and rewired

Vented brakes, uprated Poly suspension bushings,
rebuilt steering rack..

Installing the new engine side frames and picture frame..

New grade 8 fasteners used to assemble frames
Front suspension will be installed next

Your firewall has now been stripped, repaired, primed and painted..

Going back together with the IRS assembly...

Differential has been completely rebuilt
Rebuilt front brake calipers moved to the rear

Uprated CJ springs and Koni shocks

Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop..

Machining relief in main cap for stroker crank
Billet oil pump also needs to be modified
to clear stroked crankshaft

Torque plate cylinder hone in progress

Balancing new clutch with ultra lightweight
CJ flywheel
Rear suspension components powder coated

Firewall will be stripped and refinished

Rusted inner dash heater pipes will be replaced
with new stainless steel pipes

Nickel plating front suspension, polishing engine valve covers, etc..

Front suspension and handbrake components
prior to plating
Front brake calipers will be relocated to rear to keep
balance with new upgraded front brakes

142 items were Nickel plated

Engine valve covers, repaired and polished

Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop in the last couple of weeks! We have performed align hones of the block and cylinder head, repaired a hole between an intake runner and a neighboring water jacket, made huge gains ont he flow bench following our port work, and completed the cylinder head machine work. The short block rebuild is in progress..

Align honing the cam saddles after straightening
the head

Setting cam bearing clearances
With liners removed, Magnaflux testing revealed
cracks between the deck and water jackets

One of the cracks visible above the upper
water jacket
Machining the valve seat pockets

Previous shoddy work grinding main caps
Main housing itself had been adjusted by grinding

Align hone in progress
Note how rough exhaust ports were before we did
our port work

Port work in progress

Port work will result in huge gains on the flow bench
Porting the intake runners

Corrosion and porosity issues between an intake
runner and water jacket
The wall between the chambers is too thin to
repair with weld

A tapered plug kit will be used to correct the issue
Drilling the intake runner to receive the plug

Cutting the tapered threads

Plug screwed into place

Plug before both ends are machined flush
Pressure testing at 40 psi - problem solved

Machining the tappet guides for oversized tappets
Setting desired valve stem to guide clearances

Matching new custom CJ seats to venturis

Flow testing head after port work
We picked up more than 54 cfm in the intake

Machine work now completed

Machined head now painted gold

We have now removed the front and rear suspension and have the IRS rebuild underway.

Front engine frames and suspension removed

Car placed on a rotisserie jig
IRS on work bench ready for tear down

Diff, suspension and brakes will all be upgraded

Both radius arms are damaged and will be
Cage and wishbones will be blasted and powder

Rear splines are worn, hubs will be replaced
Rear brakes will be upgraded to 2 1/8 inch calipers

Damaged water jackets will be milled back
into shape
Grinding out the worst of the corrosion prior
to welding

Excess weld will eventually be milled and surfaced
Etching the desired shape of the water jackets

Machining the water jackets on the mill
Measuring the custom top hat sleeves

Machining out a frozen water jacket plug

Installing a threaded steel insert

Baseline flow testing the head
Flow numbers for exhaust ports

Flow numbers for the intake ports
New crown wheel and pinion will solve the
growling rear end!

We now have your Stage Two 4.7L engine rebuild underway.

Cylinder head looks recently serviced
Disassembling the cylinder head

Excessive tappet guide wear
Measuring cam saddle warpage

Pressure testing head - OK
Head has some corrosion issues that will
be addressed during the rebuild

Billet stroked crank and other goodies that are
incorporated in a CJ Stage Two rebuild

Forged Carrillo rods
Billet CNC machined RBR oil pump

I am pleased to report that we now have this project underway. First task is to remove the engine and transmission for rebuilding.

Engine and transmission have now been removed

Crudely repaired engine frames will be replaced

Time to get the Stage Two engine rebuild underway
Original 4 speed will be rebuilt

Before embarking on this project in earnest, we have given the car a basic service and tune so that the owner can enjoy a few miles behind the wheel before we tear everything apart. We have installed an Ignition 123 distributor, new plug wires and plugs, a Team CJ K&N filter set, changed the carb jetting and ignition timing, changed all the fluids, installed a CJ spin-on oil filter kit and tuned the car on the dyno. These simple steps saw an increase of around 39 rear wheel horsepower (to 169 RWHP). This equates to around 210 HP at the flywheel, which is a fairly typical number for a stock 4.2 E Type engine. We will be looking to increase that dramatically when we perform a Team CJ Stage Two rebuild, taking the cubic capacity to 4.7 liters by virtue of a stroked forged crank.

Changing needles and tuning carbs
Team CJ K&N filter kit

Tuning the ignition curve of the new Ignition 123

Prior to tuning - 130 RWHP
After tuning - 169 RWHP

I am pleased to report that your car has arrived safely at Classic Jaguar and we will have the work underway very soon..

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