Carbon fibre and Lexan racing panels
from Classic Jaguar

Classic Jaguar is delighted to present a truly superlative quality, very reasonably priced carbon fibre E Type bonnet. Suitable for road or competition use - but an absolute must for the serious racer.
All Classic Jaguar CF bonnets are panelled (on the underside) in hand formed aluminium and feature specially designed frontal venting to aid front brake cooling.

Representing the ultimate in superb craftsmanship and weight saving efficiency, these bonnets weigh in at approximately 35 lbs - an amazing saving of almost 200 lbs compared to an original specification, standard steel bonnet.

When the ultimate is your only option................

Also available: carbon fibre boot lids and Lexan vented rear screens (see below) for all E type race cars.

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Carbon fibre bonnet (SI E)
Not currently taking orders
Carbon fibre boot lid (all E roadsters)
Not currently taking orders
Lexan vented FHC rear screen (all coupes and 2+2s)
Not currently taking orders