1962 E Type roadster (KD)
Major mechanical overhaul


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This early E Type has just emerged from the proverbial barn after some twenty years of hibernation. Our task is to recommission the car and return it to the road!



Update report - January 7, 2007

Problems, problems. Unfortunately, while investigating some compression issues, we discovered major problems with the cylinder head. Photograph # 2 below shows light shining through a supposedly closed intake valve when a flashlight was put to the sparkplug hole. Cylinders 1, 3 and 4 all had similar problems, so a complete cylinder head rebuild was unavoidable. With that now completed and the head reinstalled, we should be firing up the engine early next week.

With valve closed, light shines through
from #1 chamber - not good
Not hard to see that #4 cylinder
hasn't seen much action!
Cylinder head rebuild underway
All new valves, guides, seats, etc, etc
Rebuilt head was painted the
correct Pumpkin Gold
 Head now reinstalled - engine will
be test run early next week


We now have the IRS completely rebuilt, have performed a mechanical (not cosmetic) rebuild of the carbs, and have installed the new CJ radiator, expansion tank, Mallory Unilite, etc, etc. Next job will be to install the replacement gas tank and work towards firing up the engine.

IRS rebuilt and installed back
under the car
Carbs being torn down and thoroughly
cleaned prior to rebuild
Carbs, new Mallory installed
New CJ cooling system installed

As you can see, the front suspension has now been completely rebuilt, new Wilwood brakes have been installed, as well as new wheel bearings, Poly bushings and billet rack mounts, etc. We have now turned our attention to the IRS wheich has already been torn down and we are waiting for some of the components to come back from the powder coater.

As you know from our various telephone communications, we have come across a number of problems that have added significantly to the cost and scope of the project, including the unserviceable gas tank and the mangled bonnet hinge frame. Still, we have made some good progress this week!

First job was to vaccum away all
the rodent droppings!
Bonnet removed for easy access
to the engine bay
Front mudguard was welded
to the LH engine frame!
Carbs will receive a basic cleaning
and mechanical rebuild
Cooling system is in terrible shape
Bonnet hinge frame is
beyond repair
We will need to thoroughly
flush out the engine
Rebuilt front suspension
New brakes
Gas tank was removed for
It is more fiberglass than
steel and is leaking
IRS will receive a full rebuild

Another cool project gets underway in the CJ Workshop! I hope you enjoy watching as we put this great old car back on the road!


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