1967 E Type roadster (JP)
Total restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total Team CJ restoration featuring a 4.7L CJ Stage Two engine and numerous performance and reliability upgrades. The car will be finished in Opalescent Dark Blue with red Suffolk & Turley hides and Team CJ Borrani wire wheels.



It finally stopped raining in Austin long enough to take a few photos of the finished car outside!

I am delighted to report that this restoration has now been completed and another beautiful E Type is ready for the open road!

Installing the engine and transmission...

Your car is now in the trim room receiving its new wiring harness, gauges, lighting, etc..

Gerardo has now sanded and buffed the body and the Opalescent Dark Blue paintwork looks absolutely beautiful.

Beautifully restored Blaupunk with iPhone
Gerardo preparing to sand and buff the body

Opalescent Dark Blue paintwork looks absolutely
beautiful under the shop lights

Check out SS100 stablemate in the reflection!

Getting the car back on its wheels is always an exciting milestone in any restoration.

Bolting new engine frames in place

IRS about to be installed

Front suspension and brakes now installed

Gorgeous Borrani wire wheels
Car ready to be placed back on its wheels

Painting the outer panels...

Wiping down the body with a tack cloth immediately
prior to pulling the trigger
Applying the first pass of Opalescent Dark Blue

Body and doors have now been painted

To be continued...

Your car is now in the booth ready for the outer panels to be painted over the next couple of days.

More Opalescent Dark Blue paint being applied - and lots of beautiful new chrome.

Boot compartment was painted yesterday evening

Masking off the underside of the floors prior to
painting this afternoon

First sealer is applied

3M Rocker Guard is then applied
Note slight texture of the Rocker Guard

The Rocker Guard is then sealed
Finally the underside is Opalescent Dark Blue

Applying the first of the Opalescent Dark Blue paint. First to be painted is the cabin, followed by the underside of the floors and the boot compartment. It is always very exciting when a project gets to this stage - beautiful new paintwork never gets old!

Your bodyshell is currently in the booth being prepped for paint. First up will be the cabin and the underside of the floors. We are scheduled to be applying the first of the Opalescent Dark Blue paint on Tuesday of next week.

Rebuilt gauges and clock
Scuffing and seam sealing the cabin area
prior to painting

Assembling your rebuilt and restored IRS.

With the bodywork completed, it is now time to trial fit all the chrome and bright work...

Many mechanical components have already
been rebuilt
Trimming the dash gauge panels

Time to trial fit chrome

Bumper mounting brackets will be relocated for
perfect fit

Note how badly over-rider finishers fit prior
to modification
After tweaking and grinding, they now fit
as they should

The filler and block work has now been completed and the car has been primed with Spies Hecker Raderal sprayable polyester high build primer.

We modified the driver's seat cushion, shaving 3/4" from the foam to provide the maximum possible headroom for a tall driver. The modification is subtle, and really not noticeable when  the seats are assembled and installed in the cabin.

From above, the seat bases look the same

This view shows the difference between the
two bases
Side view also demonstrates difference between
the two cushions

Lead loading in progress..

Oscar has now begun the process of fitting the new doors..

With the panel replacement now virtually completed, it is now time to fit your new alloy bonnet.

Fabricating inner quarter filler panels
Trial fitting the new panels

Oscar spot welding the filler panels in place

Cabin and main structure now better than new

Installing new Robey engine frames
Trial fitting the new alloy bonnet

Floors and outer sills now welded in place...

Floors spot welded together down the center line

Wurth Body Wax applied to inner sill surfaces

New outer sills clamped in position

Outer sills now welded in place

Lots of progress withe the sheet metal repairs and panel replacement...

IRS mounting cross-member has now been
repaired and reinforced
Lengthening trans side panel

Trial fitting right hand floor

Trial fitting trans cover

RH bonnet striker panel will need to
be straightened

Boot floor assembly now welded in place

Lead loading corners of boot floor
Lead is filed into shape

Finally lead is sanded smooth

Fabricating new repair panels...

I am pleased to report that we now have your body restoration well underway.

Installing the Team CJ stroked crank, forged pistons and rods, billet oil pump, etc..

We now have the body and panels back from being blasted back to bare metal. The main body shell is about what we expected to see, although unfortunately the bonnet has several issues that had previously been hidden beneath several layers of bondo. We will have this body restoration underway in the next few weeks. The last 4 images in the sequence below show the flow test results relating to the port work done to your cylinder head.

Left lower quarter panel will be replaced
Main floors, inner and outer sill will be replaced

Bonnet has several issues and will be replaced
IRS components have been blasted and
powder coated

Exhaust port before port work
Exhaust port after flow work

Intake port before port work
Intake port after port work

We are expecting the body back from being blasted back to bare metal on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Car on a blasting rotisserie
Floors have been patched in the past

IRS completely torn down for rebuild

Installing seats, guides, valve job in progress..

Measuring bolt stretch on Carrillo rods
Super lightweight CJ forged stroker pistons

Port work in progress

Intake runners reshaped for Stage Two

Machining Stage Two magnesium bronze
CJ guides for ultimate flow

CJ guides modified for Stage Two application
Guides installed

Honing guides for optimum stem to
guide clearance
Five angled valve job in progress

The following sequence of photographs show corrective work to your cylinder head. The deck surface was warped significantly, and the cam caps were also out of alignment. These issues were remedied by several sessions on a straightening plate in the oven, as well as an align hone of the cam caps. The tappet to tappet guide clearances were out of spec, and the guides had been inappropriately staked with a 'home made' securing solution. New tappet guides are currently being installed.

Head on straightening plate in oven
Note 'home made' tappet guide hold-down kit

Pressure testing head after straightening
Base line flow test in progress

Machining out old valve seats

Align honing camshaft caps

Previous bolt holes for tappet hold-down kit
welded up
Weld ground back and metal finished

Machining tappet guide bores for new guides

Short block engine machine work underway in the CJ machine shop..

Time to get this engine rebuild underway
Machining out old liners

Magnaflux crack checking block
Align hone in progress - note uprated ARP hardware

New top hat liners installed
Measuring pistons prior to cylinder hone

Installing torque plate for cylinder honing process
Surfacing the deck of block after honing

Tear down in progress, interior, engine and transmission removed..

Starting to remove the interior

Golden Sand inner dash

Removing underfelts revealed some well
disguised patching in the floors

Engine and transmission now removed

Bottom side of picture frame in poor
Picture frame will have to be replaced

Earlier today we took the opportunity to take a close look at the car on one of the lifts, and also to weigh it on the shop corner scales. The good news is that the underside is about as rust free as you could ever hope to see in an unrestored E Type. The original floors appear to be in wonderful condition. The bad news is that we may have to put this car on a bit of a diet, as it came in about 200lb over weight, tipping the scales at 2,760 lbs.

Original floors are in wonderful shape

Underside of boot floor also looks very

She may be carrying about 200lbs of bondo
beneath her paint

We will have the total restoration of this E Type underway in the next couple of weeks...

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