1968 E Type roadster (JC)
Driver restoration with significant performance upgrades


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Major mechanical upgrade including a Stage One engine rebuild, CJ5 five speed, uprated cooling, ignition, brakes, suspension, etc.

Update: Because of rust issues found in the floors and sill, this project has now turned into a complete driver restoration.



I am delighted to report that this project has now been completed and your beautiful E Type is ready for the open road!

Dark Blue paint looks beautiful in the bright sunshine

Boot rack is attractive and practical, give that this
car will be used for long distance cruising

Suffolk & Turley interior in Dark Blue with
Light Blue piping

Air conditioning is a nice upgrade for Texas
Ready for the open road!

Mechanical and trim assembly, continued..

Installing front lamps

Boot rack re-plated and installed

Engine bay filling up rapidly

Assembly well underway in the CJ trim room..

Over the last couple of days we have been busy repainting your car...

Stage One engine rebuild now complete..


Short block assembly in the CJ machine shop...


As the bodywork has been progressing, we have been busy rebuilding and upgrading your IRS...






Dealing with rusty rear quarter panels...

 Both rear quarters will require rust repair
 Inner and outer skins were corroded



 Fabricating patch panels
 Patch panel welded in place



 The other side requires similar attention






 Boot floor was pretty nasty beneath a layer of bondo


Removing the paint has revealed  a few issues lurking beneath the skin....

Both doors are heavily scarred
Rust found behind the crude patch
The other side also needs further investigation
Watch this space...
More rust hidden behind old patch panels


Floor replacement now completed, installation of outer sills underway...











Floor and sill replacement underway...



Surfacing your cylinder head in the CJ machine shop...


The following photos show the floors and inner/outer sills on your E Type. Obviously there is some extensive rust and really the entire floor and all sills should be replaced as a matter of some urgency.








Surfacing and painting your engine block...





Torque plate cylinder hone in progress...



Engine machine work underway....
Original liners have been removed
Water jackets cleaned out



Custom CJ top hat liners
Forged CJ pistons

Your engine, transmission and IRS have been removed and we already have the Stage On rebuild underway. The first two photos below show damage and corrosion in the driver's side floor and outer sill. This is obviously something that requires urgent attention...

Floors are rusty
Serious rust in LH outer sill



Engine has been removed



IRS is as grimy as it gets
Removing the cylinder head



Engine now completely disassembled


We will have this major mechanical rebuild underway in the next few days...


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