1974 E Type Roadster (JB)
Major Team CJ mechanical upgrade


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Stage one engine rebuild, CJ5 five speed conversion, extensive Team CJ mechanical upgrades and installation of new Classic Jaguar interior, etc


Update report - September 4, 2003

Plan B - let's put half a dozen down draft Webers on top of that engine! As you can see, the Webers are now installed and have been fine tuned. You have a rock solid idle at 700 rpm and they pull beautifully through the rpm range. We are now only waiting for the custom filters from ITG in England and some special AC lines to mate up to the new compressor and we will be done.
Installing braided fuel lines
Rob Beere linkage is excellent
Webers look great from any angle!

Update report - July 18, 2003
I am pleased to report that your Stage One engine (complete with four new 2" SU carbs) is running beautifully. The overlap on the big cams means the engine develops very little vacuum below 850 rpm, so it was a fine balancing act deciding on precise cam timing and carb settings - but it was worth the effort!

Limited clearance between the left/rear SU carb and the heater box meant we had to custom make you a set of billet filters.

Serious road testing begins on Monday.

SU carbs a tight fit!
Plenty of room on RHS
Thank goodness for modern

Update report - June 28, 2003
Time to see if we put everything back where it was supposed to go! Click on the picture of the oil cooler to witness the initial firing!

Note: Sorry about all the background noise - I am no Steven Spielberg!

Update report - June 12, 2003
Time for some serious Team CJ cooling!
Alloy expansion tank
New radiator
Cowl will be detailed

Update report - June 2, 2003
Today we installed your rebuilt engine and new CJ5 transmission. The CJ5 is actually easier to install than the original 4 speed and can be removed and reinstalled without removing the engine, should you ever need to install a new clutch!
Engine squeezed back in place!
Installing new CJ5 mount
Job finished
Drivetrain now 100% rebuilt
Per your request - a photo of the
billet tie plate in place under the IRS

Update report - May 29, 2003
We now have your new CJ5 five speed mated with the rebuilt engine and the IRS installed back under the car. This afternoon we will detail the engine bay with a view to installing the engine and transmission tomorrow (5/30).

Update report - May 13, 2003
IRS rebuild now completed...

Update report - May 2, 2003
It is now time to work out the installation of your 4 x 2" SU carbs!
Installing intake manifolds...
Silicone hoses throughout
HD8 SU carbs
This set-up should pull
you along nicely!

Update report - May 1, 2003

Team CJ headers add the finishing touch...

Update report - April 30, 2003
Your Stage One engine rebuild is almost complete....
Beautiful machine work
Monster cams!
Going together..
XK 140 provides a 
nice backdrop
John C doing his thing....
One fully rebuilt
Stage One V12 engine

Update report - April 23, 2003
Unfortunately, your differential is in very poor condition. It is difficult to capture on film how badly damaged the bearings are, but hopefully the second picture below will give you some idea. John will rebuild the entire unit next week.
Tired old differential!
Badly damaged bearings
and races

Update report - April 16, 2003
Powder coated IRS components

Update report - April 3, 2003
While we wait for the machine shop to return your cylinder heads we have set about rebuilding your IRS. The following photos show that it was about due for a service ;-)
IRS removed
Disassembly underway
One shock 1" longer than 
the other 3 ??
Bushing eyes way too big for
the top mounts - they were rattling
Off to the powder coater
Cage will aslo be powder coated
Diff will be resealed
Badly damaged splined hub

Update report - March 12, 2003

Your new CJ5/12 gearbox

Update report - March 8, 2003
Not much to report this week as we await the return of your cylinder heads from the machine shop. The photographs below show your new 2 inch HD8 SU carbs and the billet crank pulley that will be installed for use with your uprated alternator.
Special billet crank pulley
New HD8 carbs will supply
the 92 octane!

Update report - March 4, 2003
As you can see, John now has the bottom end rebuild well underway. The replacement crank was perfect, BTW. We hope to have the heads back from the machine shop sometime next week.
 Rob Beere oil cooler kit
New pistons and liners
 Special tool holds liners 
in place 
 Installing oil pan
 Chain cover
 Grade 8 hardware throughout

Update report - February 14, 2003
The news today is not good, I'm afraid. One of your thrust washers was living in the oil pan and the movement its absence allowed at the crank has worn away all the mating surface on the crankshaft. Although it is possible to weld up the crank and cut back the mating surface, it is not something we advcoate at Classic Jaguar. The proper way to deal with this is to locate a replacement crankshaft - which I am in the process of doing.

Hopefully the photographs below will tell the story.

Thrust washer are not supposed
to live in the oil pan!
One side was mangled as it
fell through the engine
Crankshaft thrust area has
been beaten to death
Pistons and....
liners will all be replaced
The block with the crank removed
Someone has cut the input shaft,
although we do not know why....
Good news! The thrust area in the block
is undamaged
John installing a helicoil as
your drain plug was stripped out

Update report - February 13, 2003
Better late than never! We finally have this project underway and you can see in the following sequence of photographs that John Claydon already has your engine out and is making a terrible mess of the workshop floor!
Time to get this job underway
John getting to grips with your engine
Car is super solid underneath
Loads of mess....

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