1971 E Type roadster (JB)
Major mechanical work, reassembly of dismantled car


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This E Type came to us completely disassembled having been rescued from another shop where it had been languishing for a couple of years. Our task is to rebuild the engine and IRS and get the car back on the road as economically and expeditiously as possible. We will not be doing any cosmetic work.



Update report - January 22, 2010

Your car is now ready for collection.



We now have your car mechanically reassembled and we have already performed some basic road testing. So far, all major mechanical systems seem to be functioning pretty well.

I know that you have asked us to re-use as much of the existing interior as possible, although certain items were just too rough to reinstall. The door panels, for example, were just plain nasty, so I had Carlos fabricate and trim new panels for you.

Door panels were not serviceable
Both cups had to be replaced
Fabricating new panels from scratch



Rebuilt engine is running well



Original sill covers can be saved
Center console is pretty rough


The following sequence shows the repair of your oil pan, which had stripped out drain plug threads.

The oil drain plug hole was 
first welded up
A new hole was cut and tapped
on the mill
Engine now almost ready to go
back in the car

Short block assembly underway...

Setting end play
Pistons now installed
Installing new oil pump

We now have the assembly of your short block underway..

Rods have been rebuilt and balanced
Installing freeze plugs
Measuring main bearing clearances
Cutting Total Seal rings to size


We have now finished all the machine work on the block, including honing the cylinders and surfacing the deck surface.

Cylinder honed using torque plate
Final surfacing of block done with
timing chain cover in place

We have now installed the new top hat cylinder sleeves. Next week we will be carrying out an align hone the honing the new cylinders to size.

Block is heated and sleeves frozen
Deck is surfaced after sleeve installation


Boring out your old cylinder sleeves...

Cutting out old liners with the boring bar
Important to clear blocked water jackets prior to 
installing new sleeves


Your IRS rebuild has now been completed....

 Rebuild features Koni shocks, uprated 
CJ springs, bronze bushings..
 Cross drilled rotors
 A production line of rebuilt IRS units!


We have now completed the rebuild of your cylinder head.

Pressure testing head - Ok
5 angled CJ valve job
Surfacing the deck
On the assembly bench
Head now fully assembled


I am pleased to report that your car has arrived safely in Austin and we already have the engine and IRS rebuild underway.

Cutting out valve seats
Custom CJ seats are frozen
Head is heated in oven
Note how CJ seats are flush
with combustion chamber
Cutting 5 angles valve job
Block already disassembled, rebuild
will commence next week


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