1969 E Type roadster
Jo Bastiaens, Belgium

Hi Dan,

My Jag was born in 1969 has frame number 1R9141 and engine number 7R2230-9 and went to Belgium in the early 90's. Last American licence plate 584 FCJ in Dallas, Texas. Last owner in US was David A Merryfield who bought the car from a Ms. Candace Rubin on  02-19-87. The new Belgian owner over the last 10 years did not use the car very much, only a couple of thousand miles, and I bought the Jag in early 2000 and started a restoration which I finished November 2002. Rather quick don't you think? I must confess that I had a lot of time to spend on it because in 1999 I sold my business and after many years of hard working I needed a good therapy! By the way, since a long time I am a classic car enthusiast owning a beautiful Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda from 1968 and I am already 14 years president of a classic car club.

Now a little geography: I live in Belgium. The village is called Lanaken, situated only 5 miles from the Dutch border and the well known (Dutch) city of Maastricht. My nationality is Dutch. In fact I live in the so called 3-border region. Holland is 5 miles away and Germany 15 miles, so it is a rather international location! Brussels is 50 miles away, Amsterdam 150 miles and Essen (I am sure You know it from the biggest classic car show in Europe) is only 80 miles from here. I hope you have an idea now were I am living!

Best Regards,

Jo Bastiaens


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