1948 Jaguar Mk IV DHC
Total body restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total body restoration

Reference photos: DSC05020/44



Update report - November 4, 2010

Darrell has just finished fabricating and installing the complex, box section sill panels.


We have now acid washed the body and all associated panels and sealed everything up with epoxy primer.












Back from the blasters, we clearly have lots of work to do!




















With the custom rotisserie completed, we sent the body and all related panels off to be sand blasted back to bare metal...


It is five years since we performed some major mechanical work on this car, so I am delighted to report that we now have the restoration of the body underway. Our first task is to fabricate a custom rotisserie frame jig that will hold the bodyshell in shape while it is disassembled and blasted back to bare metal.


















5 years ago....

With a temporary floor board and a piece of rope as a make-shift throttle, it was time for the old car to move under its own steam for the first time in a few decades. Other than a slight problem with first gear selection, and a leaking rebuilt waterpump, the "test drive" went pretty smoothly. It was certainly something of an adventure!

Don fired the car up....
Note temporary gas tank
What can possibly go wrong.....



And it's off to the races!
Cable in my right hand is
the make shift throttle....


We have been steadily rebuilding and installing the engine bay ancillary componenets.





More progress.....
Almost ready to lower to the ground
Radiator and gas tank will be 
sent out to be cleaned
Back on all four wheels



Time to put the engine
and transmission together
Crude mount brackets not the
work of CJ!



Note custom made aluminium spacers 
beneath engine mounts
Nearly there...


More progress.....
Test drive not too far off!
Most of the brake linkage is now
hooked up
We machined aluminium spacers 
to replace the 'original' wooden 
engine mounts!


It is time to start re-assembling the Mk IV's chassis, starting with the rebuilt axle, road springs, lever arm shocks, brakes, etc, etc. We will have the old car back on its wheels in no time.








I am pleased to report that we have now finished the rebuilding of your engine. The old cut and welded oilpan was just too ugly to put back on the beautifully restored engine. We found a good used one from a 50s saloon that looks much better.
We paint the inside of the block
with Glyptol
All new sleeves were installed
during the machining process
Installing the new pistons



Later style composite head
gasket was used
The cylinder head scrubbed up
pretty nice!
Looking much better



We retro fitted lifting rings
We upgraded to a Teflon front seal
Old oilpan was in terrible



It had to go!
One from a MK I saloon



The finished article!


We now have the engine machine work well underway and have also received your shocks back from the rebuilders. The leaf springs have been repaired and are currently being powder coated. In the next couple of weeks we will be able to return the chassis to its wheels and start building the car back up mechanically.








We have been steadily rebuilding your mechanical components over the last few weeks, including the transmission, brakes, steering, etc. We also have your engine rebuild well underway and I will be uploading some photographs of the machine work in progress in the next few days.




We have now blasted the chassis, carried out a few weld repairs, repaired all the threaded mounting holes and fixtures, acid washed it, primed it and painted it!
RF shock has home made lower
arm (marked X in enlarged pic)
Road springs are all in very
poor condition



Axle shaft previously broken and
weld repaired!



Differential being rebuilt
Blasted chassis is repaired and
has all new threads cut/installed
It is placed on makeshift
rotisserie and acid washed



Corrosion resistant primer....
Painted black and baking in
the Texas sun!

I think this is one of my biggest single photographic updates ever! As you can see, we already have the body safely removed from the chassis. Per our discussions, we will rebuild the car mechanically first and we have set the body aside for later consideration.









 Engine was stuck



 A 1961 penny and a .22 bullet 
were under the rear seat
 Portable TV on offer in 1967!






 Oil pan was full of gas (petrol)
























 Gas tank is rotten and pretty
beaten up



 Strange pedal extensions - for
a very short driver?



 XK140 trans



 Doors are braced before
lifting body off chassis
 Body comes off and on the chassis
very easily with these cars






 Chassis is going to need some 
 Body has been set aside while
we address the mechanicals




It is time to get this project underway. We hope you enjoy watching the restoration unfold over the coming months!
As she looked on Day One



Non-original XK140 engine
will be retained
Fabulous front aspect



 Original chassis plates are intact
Cool art deco interior 



Original rear seat well preserved...
Radiator and grille removed



More appropriate carbs found
in boot!
Empty tool tray
The fan belt tells the story of
how long since the engine ran



Doors are the biggest problem
Seat adjustment handles still
work like new!



Incorrect overriders



Air conditioning, Mk IV style...


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