1955 Jaguar XK140 DHC (JK)
Major mechanical overhaul and interior restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Interior trim replacement, wood restoration and major mechanical rebuild and upgrade..



Update report - September 5, 2011

I am pleased to report that your engine rebuild has now been completed and we will be reinstalling it in your car in the next few days.

 Balancing CJ alloy flywheel
 Custom Cometic gasket used to manipulate desired
compression ratio

 Almost ready to reinstall

Your block machine work has now been completed and we are in the process of assembling your engine.

 Balancing the crankshaft



 Block is painted inside and out



 CJ forged pistons hung on rods


Maybe the prettiest valve covers in the automotive world....



Kevin completed your align hone to virtual perfection - less than .0001" (one tenth of one thousandths of an inch) across all seven main caps.


More progress in the machine shop, including a beautiful set of forged XK pistons...

Surfacing block after sleeving
Oil pan needs some TLC



Shaping the repair panel



Repair panel welded in place
New product - CJ forged pistons for the XK range





I am pleased to report that we have now rebuilt your cylinder head. Kevin has your block in process, so it should only be a few days before we have the engine build completed.

Preparing to install new tappet guides
Machining intake side of head after welding up
corroded areas



Surfacing cyl head surface
The finished article, better than new

Lots of progress with the engine build this week, although we have run into a number of problems with the cylinder head. Unfortunately, all the tappet guides are well out of spec and will have to be replaced, and the pockets for the valve guides are extremely large and will require oversized custom replacement guides. All six spark plug holes will also need helicoil thread repair.

This cylinder head has obviously been ported in the past, presumably in 1986 by a company called "Jag Tech", who left their mark on the underside (see last photo in sequence below).

 Cylinder head has a number of issues



All 12 tappet guides will be replaced
Corroded areas will be welded and machined



All 6 spark plug holes will receive new threads
Boring the block for new sleeves



Head has been ported in the past
Amazing to think 1986 is now 25 years ago...


Time to get this engine rebuild underway...







 Kevin using machine shop crane to remove the cylinder head
Oil pan will need some attention


Time to remove and rebuild the engine...






The finished (heater box) article...



Your heater box doors were missing in action, so Darrell fabricated a new set for you. I thought you might find it interesting to see how he made them.

 The circular item on the left is called a Hammer Form
Stock sheet metal is bolted to the Hammer Form... 



 The edges are hammered to form requisite flange
Making a card template of the shape of the missing doors 



 Job done, ready for paint

Retrimming the front seats...






More progress inside the car...

Minor gauges are a little rough and will be rebuilt



Rear compartment virtually complete



Trimming seat backs...

Lots of progress in the trim room...

One of your top latches is cracked and will be replaced
Flocking has largely worn off inside glove box



Glove box media blasted









Almost time to restore the seats
Dash is shaping up nicely



Seat frames have been media blasted and painted


Assembling the door casings, trimming rear bulkhead...

Driver's door fully assembled
Interior starting to take shape

Interior trim restoration, continued....

Passenger inner B pillar corroded at bottom
We fabricated a replacement panel



New panel trimmed out and installed
Driver's door panel installed

Time to start installing the new interior...

 Much of the interior brightwork has been replated
Time to start installing the new interior... 





We now have the new Suffolk & Turley interior kit in hand and will begin the interior restoration for you in the next few days.


We have now received your re-veneered interior wood back from Madera Concepts and I am pleased to report that they did a spectacular job. My photographs do not do it justice as it is absolutely stunning.









We have now removed all the interior wood from your car and sent it off to the good folk at Madera Concepts in California, where it will be re-veneered and polished to perfection.

 Home made door panel trim really had to go



 Inner door frame not pretty, but it is solid enough...
Wood trim removed and ready to ship 



 Main gauge panel had damaged veneer
Wood wasn't terrible, but did have a number of blemishes 



 Every piece will be re-veneered at Madera Concepts

I am pleased to report that we now have your car in the trim room and have begun the interior restoration.

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