1963 E Type roadster - Total Team CJ restoration
This vehicle is now sold - thank you.


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration with a full complement of Team CJ performance and reliability upgrades.


This vehicle is now for sale!

A little over three years removed from the completion of a total Team CJ restoration, this spectacular E Type Jaguar is now being offered for sale. This car has been pampered since it was delivered, and remains in superb condition throughout. It has scored 100 points in its last two JCNA Concours outings, the most recent of which was in October 2012.

The sale includes the original bucket seats and a totally restored factory hardtop. This page includes the photographic record of the restoration undertaken in the CJ Workshops.

Price: $210,000

This vehicle is now sold - thank you.

This vehicle is sold 'as is, where is', with no warranty of any kind being offered by the seller. Inspections are actively encouraged.

Please contact Dan Mooney at Classic Jaguar for an appointment to view.


On 10/23/11, this CJ restored E Type received a perfect 100 point score at the Houston Jaguar Club Concours. Congratulations to the car's owner and driver, John Knock. By a strange twist of fate that day, John beat another CJ alum, Chip Keener and his 1955 XK140 roadster, into second place.

Chip will no doubt take some consolation in his defeat from the fact that his 99.99 point score, when added to his two previous 100 point scores, makes him a lock for a National Championship in his class.

Congratulations to both John and Chip - and thanks for flying the CJ flag!

Another completed project ready for delivery....





Only a few finishing touches remain...

Headlamps and covers now installed
As you don't plan on using the headrests, 
we fabricated plugs for the seat backs
Darrell made the plugs...
Carlos trimmed them in hide

Wiring in the Becker Mexico and installing the center console...

 Cabin starting to fill up rapidly
Cross-overs installed beneath the
driver's seat
Tweeters placed in each corner 
of the dash 



 Amp placed beneath passenger seat



Becker now installed
Door arm rests now installed

Trimming out the interior of your hardtop....



We now have road testing and shakedown underway...


Fabricating a custom bracket to hold the new Becker radio unit, trimming out restored center console...

Trimming the center console


Installing the the new carpets, convertible top frame, etc...


Lots of progress in the interior trim room over the last week or so...


I am pleased to report that we have now begun the process of installing your custom interior.

Reclining S2 E Type seats are 
being used in this 3.8 roadster
Trimming the seat backs

We have now installed your engine and the all new CJ5/600 five speed transmission. With lots of sunshine forecast for next week, the test driving and shake down will begin!

Installing the engine and CJ5/600 transmission



CJ5/600 fits neatly in the original
transmission tunnel
Shifter location is exactly as original



CJ5/600 bolts directly to OEM bellhousing 
and uses OEM clutches



 New stainless steel exhaust
now installed
Almost ready for maiden voyage! 

Good to see you earlier today, John. I'm glad you got to hear the engine in person as my camera doesn't do justice to the noise coming out of those open headers on the test rig!





Your Dunlop replica alloys arrived safely and we trial fitted them over the vented Wilwood brakes, encountering no clearance problems whatsoever. I hope you like the the 3 eared spinners, too!



Reassembly underway...



Now for the fun part - going back together...



Painting your bonnet....

Javier applying the first pass of clear coat...


Time to start sanding and buffing


I am pleased to report that we painted your car this afternoon and the finished results looks great. I will post more pictures tomorrow but I know I promised you a couple tonight before I went home - so here they are!



I am delighted to report that we have now begun applying the first of the Opalescent Gunmetal paint. We have already painted the underside, the cabin, the engine frames and the boot compartment. Later this week we should have the rest of the repainting process completed.



Trial fitting chome and brightwork before submitting for replating.

A number of bumper mounting brackets
had to be replaced
New brackets were welded in place then
had appropriately sized nuts installed
Nut then welded in place to complete 
the repair



New rear lamps were ground to fit
Door top chrome finishers were a 
particular challenge



Front edges were built up then ground back
Ready for plating
After lots of hammering, welding, grinding and
sanding, front bumpers now fit perfectly



In the shipping room...
Note hardtop chrome in back ground


Starting to look like a car again after a few weeks of intensive care in the CJ Coachworks...






We thought it might be cool to lay out and photograph every component for your engine before we put everything together over the next couple of days.










Forged rods save 165g per rod

Harold machined the new Venolias in order to obtain the precise compression we were looking for.

Probably not something you should do
at home to your new Venolia pistons!
After machining, the edges were
deburred to prevent hot spots


We ran into problems with the water jacket plugs in the valley of your cylinder head because of badly corroded heads. To be on the safe side, we decided to weld them up and cut new threads.

Cutting the block for upgraded
freeze plugs



Block now painted and ready for 
final assembly
Damaged threads in cylinder head valley
Holes were welded up and will
be re-threaded



Chris cutting new water jacket holes
on the mill


Engine rebuild progress - and some spectacular flow numbers...

 Ported inake runner
Exhaust port
Resurfacing your cyl head 



 Honing cylinder to size
Exhaust side picked up 30 cfm 



 Intake side picked up 40 cfm (which is a 
spectacular gain)


Lots of good progress in the Coachworks since my last update!

















The following photos show Darrell welding up the damage around the edges of two of your combustion chambers.

Outline of chamber is etched using
an old head gasket



A bead of weld is then laid around
the edges of the damaged bowls
This will be machined and reshaped
on the mill

The following photographs show Darrell making some highly skilled repairs look deceptively easy.

A small patch is cut and shaped for
the left rear quarter
TIG welded in place
Stripping shipping primer from
new bonnet



A similar patch was needed for
the right rear quarter
Larger repair panel fabricated, shaped
and tack welded in place
Same panel then TIG welded
Forward panel behind B post
is next
Inner box section cleaned back to bare 
metal, acid washed and sealed
Wurth Body Wax
Darrell TIG welding the new panel in place
Welded seams now virtually invisible
In the booth to seal inside both front
and rear cowls
Again, bare metal is acid washed before
being sealed with epoxy primer
Trial fitting front cowl
Firewall now straight and clean, inside 
and out
Trial fitting the rear tonneau





More bodywork progress...

Fabricating inner arch panels
Welded together and sealed with
epoxy primer
Note difference between original 
and replacement panel
We decided to weld the access panel
into the new replacement panel
Wurth wax in box sections
Modified new panel welded 
in place
Time to tackle the mangled 
rear clip!

Fitting and welding your transmission tunnel and new floors into place...

Welding the trans tunnel sides
into position
Trans tunnel adds a great deal of
rigidity to the structure
Masking surfaces that will be welded
Front cowl panel has been cut away
Wurth Body Wax applied to
box sections
Trial fitting new floors
Darrell spot welding your floors together
Better than new...

Darrell has started welding your expansive collection of new body panels together.

An E type body in kit form
Inner sills and cross-member 
now in place
Series II seats will be used when
we trim out the interior



IRS rebuild virtually complete

Lots of progress this week in both the mechanical workshop and the Coachworks.

Even the steering rack has not escape accident  damage!
We supplied and rebuilt an alternative
Wiper motor, completly rebuilt
Upper steering column rebuilt
More progress with body restoration
Front brake calipers rebuilt and
moved to rear
Bronze IRS bushings


As bad as things looked after media blasting, I thought you might be encouraged to see some new sheet metal going into place.

 New rear clip has all the shipping primer
stripped away by hand
Fabricating new repair panels for
the transmission tunnel
 The first of many new panels is welded 
into place
 Reconstructing the RH B pillar
 After sealing with epoxy primer, we coated
the inner box section with Wurth Body Wax
 Spot welding the nw LH inner sill into place
Starting to look better already!

Further to our telephone conversation, I will not subject you to too many photographs of the bodyshell, as received back from being media blasted. Suffice it to say that it is absolutely horrible...

Differential was aslo in bad shape
Final drive is 3.31
Diff now completely rebuilt
Looks a bit better, too!
Difficult to believe we drove this car 
into the shop
Corrosion and accident damage everywhere
This wing has been caved in
Front cowl will be replaced
Preparing to seal what we are going 
to keep


More progress in the CJ machine shop. Your block has now been align honed and four of the new sleeves have been installed. This afternoon we will be installing the two custom oversized sleeves, the need for which was explained in your last invoice.

Pressure testing cylinder head (OK)
Grinding main caps square
Align honing your block
Meauring new top hat sleeves
Honing cylinders 3 & 6 to accept custom
oversized top hat sleeves
Note ledge cut into top of cylinders

Sorry you had to cancel your visit at the last minute on Friday, although at least you can see from the following photographs that we were ready for you!

Machining out the old sleeves

Time to prepare your car for blasting. This particular body is about as rough as you will ever see. Having said that, rest assured that it will better than new when we are finished with it.

Engine machine work now underway
Cutting out rusted panels
Not a pretty sight
We are going to leave the inner sills in place
for blasting, although they will be replaced
There really isn't going to be much left to 
This car is about as rough as you are
ever likely to see
Doors are rusty, too
Bonnet will be replaced

Car already completely disassembled....
Note bent RH torsion bar
Engine frames bound for the dumpster
Boot compartment shows evidence of some
very poor repair work
Picture frame also toast
Engine will be rebuilt to Stage One specs
Home made shims lurking beneath
the tappets!
Disassembling the IRS
19 pieces for powder coating

I am pleased to report that your car arrived safely at Classic Jaguar this morning and we will have this exciting project underway very soon. I hope you enjoy watching the restoration unfold over the coming months!





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