Jerry Mouton and his 1964 Jaguar E Type (MIK)

May 2013

Hi, Dan, hope all is well.

Here is the latest oil analysis report. I thought you'd like to see that the engine is really doing well - 11 years after the CJ rebuild.





Spring 2003

CJ customers Jerry Mouton, Fred Secker and Chuck Boblasky test the limits of their engine warranties at Laguna Seca in March, 2003.

Hi Dan,

I have put up a set of three photos of MIK Jaguar (newly refurbished form) at an autocross.  They form a mini-video. The car is drifting under acceleration through a sweeper. Note the change in front wheel angle and reduction of oversteering yaw from photo 1 through 3.

If you are still accepting customer photos, I would enjoy seeing them on the CJ web site.

Jerry Mouton

Engine rebuilt at Classic Jaguar - Summer 2002


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