1965 E Type FHC (JB)
Total restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total Team CJ restoration to original specification. The car has been in the ownership of a single family from new and will be refinished in the factory livery of Opalescent Golden Sand coachwork with red Suffolk & Turley hides...



More hardware for this CJ alumnus. Well done Jay!

Illinois Jaguar Club Concours 7/22/17 - 1st in class and People's Choice

Wisconsin Jaguar Club Concours 8/6/17 - 1st in class

September 2016
Winner first time out at Gather on the Green, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Your dad would have been very proud, Jay.

Best Sports Car of Show!

A few photos of your car sporting a set of CJ Borrani wheels!

Happy customer Jay (in light blue shirt) with some of the CJ team that contributed to the restoration of his beautiful E Type

I am pleased to report that this very cool project has now been completed and your beautiful E Type is ready to head home! I am sure that your dad would have appreciated your efforts to keep the car looking just as it did when he owned it new.

Jay pulling the car from a 20 year hibernation

Ran car (and trailer) through the car wash on
the way home!

Jay about to head south to Classic Jaguar in
Austin, Texas
Jay arriving safely at CJ the following day - time
to get the restoration underway!

Two years later, the restored car is ready to
head back to Chicago

Fit and finish is exemplary throughout

Restored original steering wheel looks new

Love the original decals and badges installed
by your dad

Engine bay looks just as it did in 1965

Tool Bag Company leather case and a CJ
tool roll....just in case!

The new Lucas Tripod headlamps have now been installed, as well as the original screen and quarter light glass, complete with period 1960's decals.

Tripod headlamps look great

Fantastic old 1960's decal!
Original 1960's badging has lovely patina

Final assembly, continued...

OEM style radiator installed
Original fan shroud cleaned up like new

Rebuilt SU carbs installed

Doors assembled and installed

Panel fit is beautiful throughout
Almost time to install the original windscreen

Lots of progress in the trim room...

Rear bumpers and lamps now in place
Installing luggage rails to boot boards

Original rear window clean up very nicely Tailgate door has been trimmed

Original, unrestored body tag replaced on
license plate panel

Rebuilt engine now installed

Installing Dynamat throughout the cabin

Original Konis will be rebuilt at the Koni factory

I am pleased to report that your car has now made it back into the trim room where the reassembly continues apace...

Carlos has started gluing red moquette inside
the cabin

Alex has begun the process of installing your
new wiring loom

New gas tank installed
Dynamat will be installed trhoughout the cabin

Installing front and rear suspension systems, car now rolling again...

Engine frames and front suspension now installed
Installing the rebuilt IRS

Almost ready to be set on the wheels

We have now painted your firewall, bonnet, engine frames and all associated body color items. It won't be long now before this E Type is back on its wheels!

Original SU carbs have been restored and rebuilt

Painting in progress...

Base coat applied, clear coat next

Painting the underside of the floors...

Painting inside the cabin on Thursday...

Applying the first of the Opalescent Golden Sand paint. First to be painted is the underside of the bonnet...

With the bodywork stage of this project now completed, we have applied sprayable polyester to all of the outer panels.

We have now completed the panel replacement and lead work..

Installing the new left lower quarter

Right hand panel also now welded in place

We now have the body restoration of this car underway. Our first task is to cut away the old floors and lower quarter panels...

We have now completed the block machine work..

Align honing in progress
Setting up to torque plate hone the cylinders

Surfacing the deck surface with timing chain cover
Engine block now ready for assembly

We have now completed your Stage One cylinder head rebuild.

Head on the surfacing machine
Measuring the cc in order to calculate
precise compression ratio

Machined head ready for assembly

Back from being media blasted, the bonnet is clearly in very poor condition, but the main body shell, doors and tailgate are all relatively sound. Other than the need for a new bonnet, really no nasty surprises!

Lower quarters will require attention
Evidence of accident damage at front right of car

Bonnet is in poor shape and will be replaced

These rust holes were lurking beneath the factory
jute insulation pads
Similar issues on right side of main floors

We have finished tearing down your E Type and placed the monocoque on one of the rotisserie jigs for media blasting back to bare metal..

Outer sills cut away prior to media blasting
Definitely the right decision to remove original
outer sills

Grinding rusted/seized fasteners in order to
disassemble bonnet for blasting
Engine will be fully rebuilt

With the assistance of long time owner Jay Butler, we now have this project underway. Jay had asked if he could be a part of the tear down process, so we invited him to work alongside Carlos in the trim room, where he helped remove the interior, glass and bright work.

Interior has never been removed on Jay's car

Jay removing the passenger door window mechanism

Boot floor looks to be in great condition

Carlos cleaning seat runners

Untouched factory wiring

Rare to see this alloy strip still in place

Nesting has occurred behind the headlamps

Jay about to tear down the seats
Rarely seen seat base bracket

Factory trimmer's initial "M" stapled into
seat bases
Interesting to see how the factory shaped the seat
bottom foams

Car now in the mechanical shop about to have
suspension and drive train removed

We are delighted to have this extremely original, one family owned E Type on way to us for a total restoration. We are scheduled to have this exciting project underway in the next few weeks.

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