1958 XK 150 roadster (JB)
Major mechanical overhaul


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This is a nice, presentable XK that we are going to mechanically upgrade from stem to stern. The car will receive uprated Team CJ cooling, ignition, braking, suspension, a Stage One E Type engine, triple SU carbs and a CJ5 five speed transmission. The finished article will be the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing!



We now have the cylinder head completely rebuilt and installed and have started installing all the other engine bay ancillaries, such as the new Mallory distributor, spin-on oil filter and of course the polished stainless steel headers. We should have the old car back on the road in the next week or so.

Modified cam/tach drive
worked out perfectly
Lifting hooks added for 
Polished valve covers add
the finishing touch
Headers installed
Note new mallory distributor
and modern oil filter
 Rebuilt carbs squeezed into place

Although we are not quite finished with the cylinder head yet, we went ahead and rebuilt the block and installed it in the car, along with your new CJ5 five speed. We have also completed the carb rebuild.
Bottom half of the engine
now completly rebuilt
CJ alloy flywheel being
Attaching the CJ5 to your
original bellhousing
Engine and trans now installed
 Carbs completely rebuilt

With the new engine sleeves installed, the following photos show the new cylinders being finish honed.
 Crank has been ground, balanced
and polished
 Cutting out the old cylinder 
 Pistons are carefully matched to their 
respective cylinders
Finish honing the newly
installed sleeves

We have been steadily gathering  various new components while we wait for the engine machine work to be completed.....

Some of the new components going
into your cylinder head rebuild
Beautiful new aluminum radiator
Polished SS headers will
provide the sounds....
New HP stainless exhausts


The first photograph below (scanned from Philip Porter's excellent "Original XK" book) shows how the factory cut away the right hand engine bay sidewall to make room for the triple carbs used on the 'S' models. The next photographs show your car, before and after the same side panel has been removed.

Photo of an original 'S' model
engine bay
The masked area had to b removed
to make room for the triple cabs
Bonnet support rod will have to be
moved to the LH side
Valve covers back from the polisher


With the front suspension rebuild completed, we have now installed the upgraded brake booster and the new Koni shock absorbers at the rear of the car. We have also received most of the carb parts back from the polishing shop.
New brake booster installed up
inside LH front wing
Carb parts have been beautifully 
New Konis going in place
at the rear

Your original suspension was in a terrible state and required a complete rebuild, including new shocks, torsion bars, Poly bushings, upper and lower balljoints, wheel bearings, etc, etc.

New Koni shocks, front and rear
 New torsion bars being 
RH front suspension rebuilt, new
Wilwood brakes installed
New CJ5 five speed built

The engine and transmission have now been removed and we have the front suspension rebuild well underway.
Removing the seats
Which were incorrectly secured
Exhaust had to be cut off as
it was welded as one unit
Old and rusty exhausts will
be replaced
New stainless steel headers and 
exhaust have been ordered
Chassis has a number of these
'patch' repairs
Front suspension was very grimy
All this will be stripped and
Engine and trans removed
Modified #5 cam cap
Team CJ alloy flywheel
Bill Terry upgraded rear crank seal
Carbs disasembled and sent
out for polishing
After market brake booster
RH front suspension removed
Disassembled, cleaned and blasted
Poly bushings will be used in
the rebuilding process

The following photographs show the mechanical rebuild/upgrade getting underway.

4.2 E Type donor engine
Block ready for machine shop
Crank will be modified for upgraded
front and rear seals
 Rear seal housing will be machined to
accept modern seal
Head will be polished and ported
with uprated cams, valves, etc
E Type cam cap (A) will be cut down 
for use with XK tach drive
Tach drive will be replaced
Valve cover will be repaired
and machine polished
Triple carbs will be totally rebuilt,
cosmetically and mechanically
Coolant drained, radiator removed
Carbs removed
Mixture of old and new parts on
your shelves

I hope you enjoy watching as we give this car the full CJ treatment!

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