1966 E Type FHC (JA)
Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration with a full complement of Team CJ performance and reliability upgrades.



April 19, 2012

I was saddened earlier today to hear that my long time friend and customer, Joe Arretteig, had lost his courageous battle with cancer. Joe had been a big CJ supporter for many years, and I always appreciated his enthusiastic input on all matters. The layout of this very website is partly a result of suggestions that Joe made to me when I first started feeling my way around cyberspace, way back when.

Rest in peace, Joe.

We lost Joe on Monday. I thought you would like to know.
You already know how much he loved the Jaguar. We took him and the car to the “Hands Across the Pond” car show two weeks ago and he won 1st place in his class. He was very proud of his car.
He valued your friendship a great deal.
Thanks for everything,
Christine Arretteig

"Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle"

U. J. “Joe” Arretteig III, M.D., age 69 of Jupiter, FL passed away on April 16th 2012 after a courageous 2 year battle with cancer.
Joe was the son of Lilly May and U. J. Arretteig Jr. and was born in Church Point, LA. He grew up in and around Lafayette, LA. He received his medical degree from Louisiana State University. Joe was a Captain in the US Navy and was stationed at Norfolk Naval Hospital, Bethesda Naval Hospital, and Pensacola Naval Hospital. After he retired, he was in the reserves at Naval Reserve Center in West Palm Beach, FL
A loving husband and father he is survived by his beloved wife of 36 years, Christine Arretteig; his daughters Amy Michelle Angelo and Elizabeth Renée Setzer; and his grandchildren, Jordan and Grace Angelo.
Joe was  an excellent cook, which his neighbors, friends and family can attest to. He was an experienced wood worker, having built many pieces of furniture for the Arretteig home. He was an avid sailor, having been instrumental in the founding of a yacht club in Slidell, LA, where he participated in races and cooked for many of the yacht club events. He was also an avid reader and loved to fish. His passion and knowledge of exotic yesteryear automobiles was amazing and always provoked great conversations.
A memorial service will be held at the Coast Guard Station at the Jupiter Lighthouse from 5:30 till 7:00 on Monday the 23rd of April. In lieu of flowers donations in his memory may be made to: Hospice of Palm Beach County Foundation.

June 2011

Congratulations to Joe Arretteig for his class win at the recent "Wheels Across the Pond" concours held in Jupiter, Florida. This amazing event boasted an entry list of more than 200 classic cars!



Update report - October 29, 2010

I am pleased to report that your car was picked up earlier today and is headed towards Florida. Best wishes from all at CJ for a speedy recovery.




We have been busy breaking in the engine on the dyno and I am pleased to report that she is running beautifully. The following dyno run is at a very conservative (safe) state of tune, so once we are finished dialing everything in, I expect to see close to 300 HP. Even as it stands, we are already seeing 228 HP and 265 ft/lbs of torque at the back wheels, which equates to around 285 HP at the flywheel.

Click on the photograph to see a video of the dyno pull. As it is such a large file, you may have to let the video run all the way through before you can watch it without interruption to the quality of the sound or video. Also the mic on my camera doesn't do a very good job with the audio, so the clip does not do justice to the sound your car is really making 




 Note headers changing color after firing engine

Installing the new stainless steel exhaust



Rebuilt carbs now installed
CJ headers

Engine and transmission now installed...

 CJ5/600 bolts directly to Jaguar bellhousing



 Preparing to install engine into car
 Carbs and headers next to be installed



 Worm's eye view of the CJ5/600


Over the next couple of days we will be installing and firing the engine and breaking everything in on the chassis Dyno. I hope to be road testing the car in about a week...

 Opalescent Dark Blue looks spectacular in the sunshine



 Not much left on your shelves!



 Building your CJ5/600 transmission
CJ5/600 shifter assembly 



 215/65 Yokohamas on center laced wheels



 Rebuilt engine will be installed Monday


Restoring and trimming the center console.


Carlos has been busy and has made lots of progress with your interior installation.

Installing lower quarter light cantrail....
Secured by stainless screws from the outside



Installing conduit for under dash wiring



 Tailgate trim now installed



 Trial fitting trimmed boot boards
Almost there....


Installing chrome trim, restoring dash top...

Installing windscreen chrome trim
Trimming out dash top



Trimming headliner border panels
Installing door trim

Lots of progress in the CJ trim room...

 Trial fitting chrome finisher
Carlos installing sill covers
 Note edge is not padded where 
chrome finisher is installed






 Time to tackle the rear bulkhead



 Cutting the moquette to size



 Carlos made new filler panels
from plastic board



 Trial fitting parcel shelf




Installing the new headliner, assembling the rear quarter light windows...








Not the best photos, but I wanted to show you your car back on its wheels...


I forgot to include a photograph of your assembled seats in yesterday's update...

Tan with custom black piping

Lots of progress since the last update! Your car is scheduled to be back on its wheels tomorrow.

Starting to look like a car again
Vented Wilwoods now installed
Poly bushings in front suspension
Doors installed and adjusted
Installing window regulators
Almost time to start installing
the chrome


Carlos has been busy re-trimming your seats...





Your car in the booth earlier today...



Applying the first of the Opalescent Dark Blue paint...

Underside of floors is first sealed
Rocker Guard is then applied
Sealer then applied over the 
Rocker Guard


Repairing and trial fitting chrome trim...



We have now completed the Slick Sand blocking stage and primed the car with Glasurit filler (sandable) primer. Everything has been reassembled once again for the final sanding stage prior to paint. Over the next few days we will sand the car with 400 grit sand paper, followed by 600 (wet), then begin applying the first of the color.

Speaking of color, we will be sending you a sample of Indigo Blue for your consideration, early next week.



All of the bodywork and panel fit has now been completed and your car has been put into Slick Sand. The doors, bonnet and tailgate have been installed with new rubber seals, ready for the final blocking stage prior to paint.

Bodywork complete, car now
in Slick Sand
Guide coat applied prior
to final blocking
Panels adjusted and latched with new
rubber seals for blocking


Fine tuning door and tailgate gaps by adding and grinding beads of weld.


Lead loading in progress...



Fabricating and installing the cowl side panels..

Wurth Body Wax applied to
inner cowl
Welded seam is lead loaded

The following sequence of photographs show Darrell fabricating and installing a large repair section for the left hand front wing.

Large section of front lh wing
will be replaced
Cutting away damaged area
Trial fitting new sheet metal
Bottom edge of panel rolled
over new beading
Creating leading edge where
panel meets wheel arch
Fabricated panel is first tack 
welded in place...
Then TIG welded...
Another invisible repair...


Lots of sheet metal repairs, fabrication, lead loading, restoring your bonnet and belly pan...

Lead loading in progress
Front wings will require major sheet
metal replacement
Darrell shaping steel for front
wing repair
Matching contour to cowl
side panel
Bottom edges of wings also rusty
Repair panel fabricated
Belly pan also requires some
sheet metal repairs
Upper rubber seal rail is rusty
Badly pitted and paper thin
Repair panel fabricated and
offered into place
Rusty original lip cut away
Repair panel is first tack welded in 
place, the seam is TIG welded
Finally, lower edge is spot welded
Close up of repaired section
Inner bonnet panels require
a number of repairs
Another invisible mend...

With your doors rebuilt, we have now trial fitted and installed the outer sills, sill end closing panels and firewall kick panels...

Trial fitting outer sills
Outer sills trial fitted with cowl
 side panels and doors
Applying Wurth Body Wax to inner 
sill box sections
Outer sill then spot welded
in place
Jacking point TIG welded
to new outer sill
Trial fitting firewall kick panels 
and sill end panels
Everything welded together and
sealed with epoxy primer
Left side also completed

The following sequence of photos show Darrell rebuilding your very rusty doors. I will try to get paint and leather samples sent off to you this week.

 Both door frames were very rusty
Bottom panel was fabricated and
replaced on rh door
Installing new door skin



 Top panels had to be fabricated
and replaced on both doors
 Right hand door now completely



 Fabricating another repair panel
 Left hand door not much better
than the right...



 Left hand door now rebuilt as new

Clint has been busy installing your new floors and boot floor, as well as fabricating and replacing the lower lip of the tail gate opening...

Welding new cross member to
transmission tunnel
Trial fitting new floors
Wurth Body Wax is applied
to all inner boxed sections
Spot welding floors to inner sills
Installation of floors now complete
How the lower edge of tailgate
opening used to look...
New lip fabricated and spot
welded into place
New boot center floor section
welded into place


Lots of progress in the CJ Coachworks this week...

 This car had rust issues beneath
both A pillars
 Corroded metal will be cut away
Repair panels fabricated and
welded in place
 Time to close up this unwanted opening
 Left hand inner sill is first new 
panel to be installed
Inner braces are spot welded in place 
 Trial fitting right hand inner sill
 Clint welding the new right
hand sill in place



 And the work goes on...


We now have the restoration of your bodyshell underway..

New panels stripped of shipping primer
and sealed in epoxy
 Time to get the sheet metal
replacement underway...


With your car back from the blasters, we are able to see the full extent of corrosion throughout the body. Both engine side frames are toast, the bonnet and door frames are marginal (replace versus restore), and the main monocoque also has a very bad case of the tin worm. We have sealed everything up in epoxy primer and your car is now waiting in line for its much needed CJ makeover!

Belly pan is in rough shape
Both engine frames are toast
Engine mount platform cracked
Both door frames are rusty
Tailgate opening is very rough
Top of rh A post is nasty
You probably know more about this
than me, Joe?!
Acid wash then seal with epoxy
Primer drying in the sunshine


Clint has cut away most of the sheet metal that we already know we are going to replace and your body has been sent off to be blasted back to bare metal. At some time in the past, your car received a coat of fiberglass over the floors, inner sills, both front and rear bulkheads....actually pretty much everywhere!

 Clint melting lead from welded seams
Boot floor will be replaced 
 Both door shells are rough
Fiberglass all over the body 
Cutting away outer sills 
 Inner sills are rusty
Note fiberglass visible through
rust holes in inner sill
Floors are also typically rusty 
 Rat's nest in trans tunnel
Rats were apparently partial to
Brazil nuts
Lots of bondo an filler in both
cowl side panels
 Cutting away main floors
 Removing boot floor center section
Bonnet has been disassembled prior
to blasting
Off to be blasted 

We have been busy rebuilding various components while your car waits in line for attention in the Coachworks.
Latest CJ vented brake kit
Steering rack has been rebuilt
Wiper motor
 Upper steering column rebuilt
Upper and lower control arms 
reassembled with Poly bushings
 More Nickel plating to be done


We have now completed the rebuild of your IRS...


We now have your engine fully rebuilt and I am pleased to report that we made some very significant gains on the flow bench, following our port work. We picked up about 45 cfm on the intake side, with an increase in velocity at the same time. This should be a very strong running E Type when we get her back on the road!

 After welding corroded water jackets, we 
cut and reshaped the jackets on the mill
 A view down the ported exhaust runner
An intake runner after porting 
 2 damaged cam caps were replaced
Replacing the caps made it necessary to
align hone the head
Surfacing the head deck surface 
Head now fully assembled 
Venolia pistons 
 Testing our work on the flow bench
Intake flow before porting
Intake flow after porting 

We have now torn down the front and rear suspensions and submitted all the relevant components for Ni plating and/or powder coating.


We found a number of issues when we tore down the cylinder head. Virtually all the valve stem tips had been hand sanded and were badly 'mushroomed', and the front cam cap on the intake side was damaged and will have to be replaced. We have now completed the machine work on the block and the new sleeves have been honed to size.

 This cam cap is damaged and will be
Valve tips mushroomed 
 Honing the cylinders to size
 Pressure testing the head - OK


Stage One CJ engine rebuild underway...

Grinding main caps square
Align honing in process
Cutting out old sleeves
Water jackets behind sleeves unusually clear

Your car is now disassembled and in-line for the full treatment in the CJ Coachworks. In the next week or so we will get your Stage One engine rebuild underway.

Interior now virtually stripped out
Engine will receive Stage One rebuild
CJ5 five speed will replace old 4 speed


I am pleased to report that your car has arrived safely at Classic Jaguar and we will have this exciting project underway in the next few days. I hope you enjoy watching the restoration unfold on your own personal restoration webpage!


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