1967 E Type FHC (JA)
Repaint and partial retrim


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This is a totally rust free California car that we are going to paint, retrim the seats and install new Wilton wool carpets.

This car is proof that you don't have to have a 1200 hour restoration to make it into the CJ Workshop section!


Closing Report - May 1, 2003

I am pleased to report that your car is now ready for collection. This totally rust free E Type now has very presentable paint, chrome and interior and with around 40,000 miles from new, should make a lovely, unrestored driver for you. I hope you have fun with the car!

Update report - April 23, 2003

 Engine bay looks better
after minor tidy-up
Installing new tyres all round 
Seat installed (door panels
will be replaced)


New Wilton carpet in 
front footwells 
 All chrome now reinstalled
Brightwork excellent for
unrestored car


The most famous headlamp
in the world...
New 195/75 Cooper Classics

Update report - April 18, 2003
The make-over is almost complete! The following photographs show us going back with your chrome, using new rubber seals as we go. Although we had not intended to do anything with the engine bay, I had to at least get rid of all that black undercoating that someone had put under the bonnet. I also decided to replace the door panels which were a little too warped for my liking.

Update report - March 28, 2003
As your car patiently waits its turn in the booth, I thought I better give you some encouragement by showing you that we have now retrimmed your seats! We have scheduled to repaint the car on Tuesday, April 7th.

For good measure, we went ahead and replaced all the cushions/diaphragms, etc, and also retrimmed the centre arm rest which was beginning to show its age.

Update report - February 18, 2003
As you can see below, we have now begun stripping all the exterior chrome in readiness for the repaint in the original Old English White colour. I hope you enjoy watching the work progress over the next few weeks.

Removing rear lamps and 
bumpers, etc
Car is very original
About as clean a door frame
as you are likely to see
Boot and gas tank are amazing
for an unrestored car
Interior very presentable, although
seats were just beyond 'patina'
Where you will spend many
a happy hour!
Cavernous boot compared 
to your roadster
Incredibly clean beneath lamps
and bumpers
Removing headlamp chrome 
and glass


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