1959 Jaguar 3.4 Sedan
Driver restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This great old Jaguar has been in the same family ownership for decades. Our mission is to completely rebuild the car mechanically and to freshen the paint and interior. Not a total restoration, but the finished product will be a very high quality driver.


Another wonderful old Jaguar back on the road...




All of the interior wood has now been completely restored and looks absolutely stunning. The new steering wheel matches the dash veneer quite nicely.








Installing the all important leaping cat mascot






Main dash panel cleaned up reasonably well


Installing new rubber seals, glass and replated chrome...





We now have your chrome plating back and will be replacing the glass and brightwork in the next couple of weeks. We have also installed a new set of whitewall radial tires.


Rebuilt engine and CJ5/600 five speed...



Yesterday we painted the main body. We will be painting the bonnet, doors and boot lid later today.


Your engine rebuild has now been completed.


Rust repairs to left hand rear door skin...


Assembling the short block...



Repairing stripped out threaded water jacket in top of cylinder head...

Common for these water jackets
to be stripped out
Threaded hole is first welded closed
New hole and threads cut on mill
Good as new...
Head now surfaced and ready 
for assembly


Short block assembly underway...

Balancing crankshaft
Pistons and rods now installed

The following sequence of photographs show Carlos making (and installing) new hide seat covers from scratch.

3 hides will be used to make covers
for front and rear seats
Old covers used as templates
Measuring and marking the pleats
for seat base
Sewing the pleating
Stitching base beading in place
Carlos putting the finishing touches
to a seat base
Removing old vinyl seat back
Making seat back cover
The finished article


We have now rebuilt your front suspension and brakes and have the engine rebuild well underway.

Wilwood brakes up front
Surfacing block after honing cylinders

We have now removed and torn down your engine and also begun the rebuild of your front and rear suspension.

 Lots of corrosion as a result of
decades of inactivity
Overdrive trans will be replaced
with a CJ5 five speed



 Front suspension will be completely
rebuilt and upgraded
Timing chain cover is nasty and
will be replaced




I am delighted to report that your faithful old Jaguar arrived safely at Classic Jaguar late last week and we will have the mechanical rebuild underway in the next few days. I  hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages over the coming months!


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