1973 V12 E Type (GT)
Mechanical rebuild/upgrade 
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Report date - October 6, 1999

The engine is now complete! I hope you agree with me that the finished result has been worth the wait. Look for photographs of the installation over the next couple of days.

Report date - September 28, 1999
Some excellent progress on the engine this week. Having got the remachined heads back last week, with all new valve seats and some weld repair work having been done to some corrosion damage on the deck surface, John set about assembling them and setting up the valve clearances. This time, I am pleased to report, the process went smoothly and without incident.

Both heads were finished up today and installed to the engine block for the last time. The photographs below show John and Eric in the engine clean room installing the final head. It doesn't matter how many V12 engines I see being rebuilt, I never cease to be amazed by the sheer size and magnificence of the things. A newly rebuilt Jaguar V12 engine 'sans heads' remains one of the most photogenic of all Jaguar components!

We also received back the flywheel, clutch and harmonic balancer - all of which we had zero balanced - so we are rapidly running out of excuses for not installing the engine and gearbox back in the car! Look for another significant update later this week.

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Report date - September 12, 1999

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Report date - August 16, 1999

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Report date - August 12, 1999

Report date - August 11, 1999

Report date - July 8th, 1999

This vehicle is currently undergoing a full engine rebuild, suspension upgrade, brake upgrade and 5 speed conversion in our workshops. The following pictures show the engine starting to go back together following completion of all the machine work and balancing.

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