1965 E Type FHC (GP)
Mechanical rebuild with significant performance upgrades


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total mechanical rebuild from stem to stern, including a Stage One engine rebuild, CJ5/600 five speed, uprated cooling, ignition, brakes, suspension, new wiring harnesses, new engine frames, etc.



Update report - August 7, 2013

Click on the photo below for a video clip of us test firing your rebuilt engine!



Engine and transmission installed...

Rebuilt engine now installed
 CJ5/600 transmission



 Intake gasket was port matched


I am pleased to report that we have now completed your Stage One engine rebuild - and the finished article is a thing of beauty!




 Cylinder head is now better than new
 Assembling the short block






 Finished engine is a thing of beauty!


Short block machine work has now been completed, front suspension and brakes installed...

 Torque plate honing the engine block



 Surfacing the block with timing chain cover installed
 Machining a new oil pan drain plug hole



 Block is now machined, painted and ready to assemble



 Front brakes, suspension and steering going in place





SU carbs now completely rebuilt, engine firewall and new engine frames painted Dark Blue....






We stripped the firewall area to bare metal and will be repainting it Dark Blue later today...

 We felt we had to tidy up the bulkhead before installing
the new engine frames
 Body number written on right side of bulkhead



 This area looked a little worrying, although ended up
being pretty solid (see image below)
 Stripping the entire firewall top bare metal



 Beneath the surface rust, things weren't as bad as we
were expecting (not often we can say that)
 Sealed with epoxy primer, Dark Blue paint
later today

We have been busy rebuilding your front and rear suspension...

Front suspension has been Nickel plated and assembled
with new Poly bushings



Steering rack has been completely rebuilt
Later style XJ balljoints



Your IRS cage was too rusty to save - replacement cage
now blasted and powder coated



Larger front calipers moved to rear
Original gas tank cleaned up quite nicely!

The following sequence of photos show the cylinder head port work...

Intake port prior to our port work



After porting
After porting



Honing new valve guides to size



Broken ear on intake manifold will require welding


This E Type fought us every step of the way during the disassembly process! The front suspension was as bad as any we have seen, with pretty much every nut and bolt being rusted and seized solid. Thankfully we now have everything apart and have the mechanical rebuild underway.

 Engine will be rebuilt to Stage One specs
 Front and rear suspension assemblies have been removed 
from the main monocoque



 Firewall will be stripped, repaired and repainted prior
to installing new engine frames



 Picture frame was very rusty and will be replaced



Dash will be completely rewired
Tub has now been placed on a roll around jig



 Cylinder head will be flowed and ported
 Several head studs were seized and had to be machined out



 Broken timing chain tensioner



 Valve covers will be welded prior to polishing
 Machining out old sleeves with boring bar



 Water jackets better than most



 Magnafluxing the block did not reveal any cracks
 New top hat liners about to be installed


I am delighted to report that we now have your mechnaical rebuild and upgrade underway. I hope you enjoy following the project in these pages..




Interior, while probably not original, has 
a nice patina and will be retained


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