1967 Austin Mini Cooper
Body restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Replace rusty floor pans, repair various corrosion issues thoughout car, bare metal repaint in red with black roof.



Update report - June 12, 2012

I am pleased to report that we have now finished sanding and buffing your car and it is ready for collection at your convenience.


We have now painted your car and should have the sanding and buffing process wrapped up by the end of the week.









We have now finished the sheet metal repairs and have begun the filler and blocking process. All being well, the car should be painted next week.




 Old accident damage will be repaired
 Seams between cowl and front wings will be lead loaded



Repaired boot lid needed only minor adjustments
to fit nicely 
Both doors fit very well



 Filler work under way

Repairing the rusty boot lid...

Surface rust cleaned out from beneath rear roof gutter rail
At first glance, the rust in the boot lid did not seem too bad



Rust is actually quite bad
Fabricating a repair panel for the rear edge/underside of boot lid



Comparing new panel with old, rusted panel
Trial fitting repair panel



Outer boot lid skin is also badly pitted
Welding the replacement panel in place
Lower corners of boot lid skin will also be replaced


More rust repairs, including the roof gutter rails...

 Welding driver's front floor pan in place



 Ledges beneath both rear windows require rust repairs



 Rear floors needed only minor repairs



 Both roof side gutters are rusty
Lower sections will be fabricated and replaced 






 Trial fitting repair panel for lower ledge of rear window



Completed repair
Oscar using the bead roller to fabricate new gutter rails
Trial fitting new gutter rail
Weld thru primer applied before new gutter
rail is spot welded in position


Replacing the front floor pans led to the discovery of various other rusted areas that required sheet metal repairs. Oscar fabricated eight small replacement panels which he is currently welding in place, along with the new floor pans. The additional repairs have added about a day of labor to the project.

Fabricating a repair panel for the right hand rocker



Trial fitting the rocker repair panel



Panel now welded in place



Floor pan has been trimmed and primed
Offering into place



Cleaning back welds
Replacement panel virtually undetectable



Fabricating a repair panel for the driver's footwell
Trial fitting the new panel


I am pleased to report that we now have this project underway.

 The iconic Mini Cooper - an all time great
 Oscar trial fitting the new floor pans



 Boot lid will require rust repairs
Floor pans removed 

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