1965 E Type roadster (Gil)
Restoration to rolling shell stage


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

With this project we will be totally restoring the body, rebuilding the suspension, installing the top and interior, then handing the car back to the customer as a rolling shell.

This what we call a Stage One restoration in the CJ workshops.



Installing your new convertible top.

More interior trim progress....

As you can see, your car is now receiving attention in the CJ trim room.
Restored gas tank installed
Fuel pump and fuel lines
also now installed
Gluing underfelt to Dynamat
Trimming out header bow
Dash pad restored
Dash looks great!

Installing the dash, bumpers, lights and new windscreen....

The photographs below show the installation of the rebuilt brake hydraulics and the fuel lines, etc. We also now have all the re-plated chrome back, so lots of shiny bits will be installed over the coming weeks!

The reassembly process is now well underway - the fun part of any restoration!
 About to paint the gas tank - which 
was in excellent condition
 SS heater pipes are about the
first thing to be installed
RHD blanking plates
 Car is now steering
 Restored pedal box installed
Team CJ suspension thoughout 

Installing Wilwoods and
drilled and slotted rotors
 Note grade 8 hardware tho'out
Dynamat XTREME in
boot compartment
Rear wheels on the ground for
the first time in a while
Time to lower the front
On all four wheels

It is now time to put your car back on its wheels. Over the next week or so the car will take a huge visual leap!

I am delighted to report that your paintwork has now been completed. We will be colour sanding the car this afternoon then applying a further couple of coats of clear coat tomorrow or Thursday. So far, as you can hopefully tell from the photographs, your car  is looking absolutely fabulous!
Entire car is first sealed.....
Important to get a nice consistent
sealing coat when painting metallics
The metallic laid out
I am particularly proud of the
straightness of the car
Opalescent Maroon looks different
in various lighting conditions
We will unmask and colour sand
the car later today
Car will be back on its wheels
in a few days

We now have the underside of the bonnet painted and are in the final stages of preparation for the final shoot of all the outer panels. The Opalescent Maroon paintwork is looking absolutely spectacular!


After all the hard work and countless hours of blocking, it is finally time to paint your E Type! The following photographs show the cabin, firewall and the boot areas changing colour. The process of painting the outer panels will follow the painting of the underside of the bonnet - which will be completed in the next few days.
 Epoxy primer is applied inside 
the cabin...
...inside the boot compartment...
...and to the firewall.... 
 Followed by.....
Some rather beautiful
Opalescent Maroon
 Unmasking the outer body
Interior will be masked off before
outer panels are painted

Time to start applying some Opalescent Maroon! As you can see, we have painted your new CJ engine frames and over the course of this week we will be painting inside the cabin, the underside of the bonnet, doors and bootlid, then finally all the outer panels.

Opalescent Maroon is one of my all-time favourite colours for an E Type, so I am looking forward to seeing the finished article over the next few days.

The long and tedious blocking stage is not really very photogenic, although I thought you might like to see a photograph of your car receiving its final coats of high build primer before being removed from the booth and left to bake in the Texas sun for a few hours. Although the door and bonnet latches are obviously removed at this stage, I think the photographs I took earlier today still see all the beautiful panel gaps!
Applying the last coat of
271 high build primer
Baking in the Texas sun
Panel gaps are beautiful
on your car
Bonnet, doors and bootlid are
blocked on the body
 Check out the bonnet to cowl fit!

The bonnet, doors and boot lid are fully latched with rubber seals temporarily in place as the serious blocking gets underway. With E Types it is important to block each panel in conjunction with its neighbour in order to achieve a beautifully straight car.
Guide coat applied over 
high build primer
 First round of high build blocking
well underway

Final trial fit of the chrome and brightwork, then intensive blocking followed by another application of high build primer....and more blocking! This will be the next car to be painted in the Team CJ Coachworks.

As you can see, we now have the entire car in 271 high build primer. This layer will be blocked then followed with another application of high build. Once that has been blocked, Opalescent Maroon will follow! Allowing for cure times for the high build primer, we plan to have your car painted and resting on its wheels in about 4 weeks time.

As you can see, the first splash of Opalescent Maroon is now on your car! Next week we will be repairing and assembling your bonnet and fitting it to your restored bodyshell.
Applying base coat
Rotiserrie makes it easy
to reach everywhere
Clear coat applied

I ran out of time yesterday and didn't get to finish your update report! As you can see, today's photographs show the application of the 3M Body Schutz. Before the car is removed from the rotisserie we will paint the underside and the cabin area Opalescent Maroon.
Applying 3M Body Schutz
This product will protect
the underside of the car
Note bump stops have
been removed
Body colour will be applied
over the Body Schutz
View up inside the rear
wheel arches


Lead loading of the body is now complete so the car is now in epoxy primer. All the joints have been seam sealed and we are about to apply the 3M Body Shutz to the underside and all the inner arches. It's getting close now!
Entire tub sealed with
epoxy primer
Seam sealing the cabin area
Underside will be coated
with 3M Body Schutz
Car now better than new
Seam sealing the
transmission tunnel
Boot area is also sealed
Seam sealing reach arches

All the panel replacement has now been completed and the lead loading process is well underway.
New rear inner arches
 Spot welded into place
Time to trial fit the
rear bumpers
Bumper studs installed 
Courtesy light panel now
Leading the seam beneath
the new lower quarter panels

As you can see, the complete boot floor assembly has now been welded into place and all that remains is to replace the inner rear arches. Next we will be turning our attention to fitting the new engine frames and bonnet and then starting the lead loading process.
Fabricating the panel that
goes up behind the lic plate
Offering new boot assembly
into place
Drain pipe welded in place
on new boot floor
New boot floor assembly
is an excellent fit
Gas tank bracket welded
into place
Rear end now
spot welded in place
Strange view up inside your new 
boot compartment!
 Rear end now almost

We now have the doors rebuilt and the outer sills spot welded into place. Lots of good progress since our last report!
Door shells pretty rusty
First they will be blasted...
then have rusted metal
cut away
More rust....
Blasted clean...
New sheet metal welded
into place
Installing new door skins to
repaired/primed door frames
Welding the outer sill into
Lead loading seam 
between sill and cowl
More photos later today!
Lead loading the 
B pillar seams
Time to move to the
other side!

Full steam ahead with the panel replacement! As you can see from the following photographs, the new floors have now been spot welded into place, as well as all the firewall panels and the new engine frame support brackets, etc. Next we will be installing the new outer sill panels before moving on to the replacement of the complete boot assembly.
Almost ready for the new
Rear (inner) bulkhead
thoroughly rust proofed
Trial fitting new frame
Trial fitting sill end panels
and outer sills....
......and front bulkhead
Spot welding bulkhead
panels into place
Sill end panel spot
welded into place
As are the floors..
Perfect fit around
trans tunnel
Almost ready for the
new outer sills
IRS mounts 
rivetted in place

Lots of progress since our last update!
Bolt sleeves for IRS cage 
mounts were missing!
New sleeves welded in
3/4 panels fabricated
and welded into place
Inner B posts reconstructed
Installing inner sills and
floor cross member
Unusual view of the door,
inner sill and B pillar
Trans tunnel is trial
As is the trans mount, etc
Inner sill braces installed
Floors are trial fitted and
trimmed as required
Important to trial fit the
reaction plate now
Rear bulkhead and trans
tunnel welded in place
Forward rear bulkhead
being installed
Body wax applied to all
inner box sections
This car will not rust
again in our lifetime!
Almost ready to receive
the new floors
Lots of hammering and
welding up of holes
Ready for lead loading

Slowly, but surely, sheet metal is now being attached, rather than cut away!
Spot welding the inner
shut panel in place
Internal braces were blasted to 
remove any remnants of corrosion
After priming, new A post 
support panel welded in place
The side panel had to
be fabricated from scratch
 Time to plug this gap....
Fabricating a repair panel 
 To be continued...
Trial fitting the new
repair panel
 Contour matches

I am delighted to report that we have now begun the restoration of your E Type body. As you already know, this bodyshell has suffered from some horrendous corrosion problems during its lifetime - as well as falling victim to some unbelievably butchery!

Having said that, given the extent of the sheet metal replacement we have underway, rest assured that your car will be significantly better than new by the time we are finished with it in the Team CJ Coachworks.

Let the games begin!
Cutting away all the
corroded metal
3 floors had been laid
one on top of the other!
The pile continues to
Lots of daylight
 Not much left of the
RHS of your car!
A little encouragement...
The jigsaw puzzle begins

We now have all your Nickel plated items back from the platers and all of the replacement body panels have been purchased in readiness for the monocoque restoration.

As you can see, the following photographs show your IRS - which has been completely rebuilt since our last update report.

I'm afraid the news is not good. As you can see from the folowing photographs, your car has very serious corrosion issues and has also been badly butchered at some time in the past.
LH  A post face panel
Unusual corrosion up high
Trans tunnel rotten
More unusual corrosion
Both wings have similar 
lower edges
RH shut panel
RH rear bulkhead and
conv top mounting point
Support brackets for lower subframe
are missing altogether!
Bellypan badly corroded
More corrosion
More corrosion
 A little encouragement!

Keep your fingers crossed!
Items to be nickel plated
Your car reduced to 3 shelves!

We are taking a little more care than usual disassembling your car as things like the convertible top and wiring harness (for example) appear to have been replaced in the not too distant past. You may want to re-use some of these items when the car is reassembled.

I'm afraid the disassembly process has revealed some very heavy handed welding, although that will be taken care of when the car makes its way through to the Team CJ Coachworks.

 Coming apart fast!
Top looks in good shape 
Wiring also vgc 
 IRS removed
Interior now stripped out 
Ready for bead blasting 
Horrible rust in rear bulkhead
Nasty stuff...
Conv top pivot mounting
point almost non-existant
Bonnet being disassembled prior
to bead blasting

Starting to come apart....
Off with bonnet and frames..
Gas tank removed
Actually in vgc
Removing the bumpers
IRS will be removed next.....
 Lower 3/4 panels appear to
have been replaced....
Novel lower mounting 
arrangement for engine frames..
Battery tray welded in place!
I am delighted to report that your car arrived safely and that work is already underway in the CJ workshops. The first task will be to fully disassemble the car, take the body back to bare metal and assess the extent of the body restoration we have in front of us.

I hope you enjoy watching the work progress and I thank you for entrusting this important project to Classic Jaguar!

Welcome to Team CJ!
Disassembly will commence 
Sans engine....


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