1971 Lamborghini Miura SV (GB)
Major Mechanical Overhaul
Restoration log by Dan Mooney



1971 Lamborghini Miura SV

This Lamborghini Miura SV is currently undergoing a major mechanical overhaul in the Team CJ Workshops. The work will include a full rewire as well as an engine and transaxle rebuild.


Update report - January 11, 2023
I am happy to report that your rebuilt engine has now been installed and run through several heat cycles. Your steering rack has also been rebuilt and reinstalled. A maiden voyage in the parking lot is just around the corner!

Steering rack now rebuilt

Rack installed back into the car

Matching the intake manifold heights so
carb linkage will line up perfectly

Adjusting new exhaust for perfect fit

Engine now running - maiden voyage next!

Update report - November 8, 2022

Update report - September 26, 2022

Update report - September 7, 2022

Update report - August 4, 2022
New wiring harness installation

Update report - March 31, 2022

Block disassembly.

Update report - February 21, 2022
Align honing cylinder heads.

Update report - February 14, 2022

Cylinder head rebuild is underway.

Heads as delivered

Update report - January 18, 2022
Removing the cylinder heads.

Update report - January 6, 2022
We have now removed the engine and transaxle.

Update report - December 29, 2021
Bonnet off and work begins.

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