1958 XK 150S (FS)
Total Restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration, British Racing Green coachwork with Suede Green interior, certain mechanical upgrades including 5 speed transmission and Team CJ alloy flywheel and torsion bars.

150 restoration archives

Update - September 2011

After more than 10 years it was delightful to hear from the owner of this car (Fred Secker) and to discover that his XK150S has become one of the best travelled XK Jaguars in the world. Needless to say, the rear transmission seal will be replaced under warranty 

Greetings Dan!

You will be pleased to know that the 150 is still giving sterling service and is probably the most travelled XK out there. This year we drove through 14 countries, mostly in Eastern Europe, last year was Morocco and previous to that Istanbul, next year Corsica. I just love the car.

I need to replace the rear seal of the T5 Gearbox. Can you cast your mind back to 1999ish and help me get exactly the right seal?

Very best,

Fred tackling the "Corkscrew" in his 150S at Laguna Seca, March 2003


Restoration completed in 2000

Our final task will be to road test the car and thoroughly fettle the mechanicals. We don't anticipate any problems but there are bound to be a couple of things that will need our attention after such a major restoration. I expect we'll put about 300/500 miles on the car before we finally tell you to head towards Texas.

Still waiting for a couple of small chrome pieces to comes back from the platers, as well as the fog lamps and the wing mirrors. David is currently working on installation of the convertible top frame, canvas, tonneau covers, etc.

The new grill looks great and after a lengthy combined effort by John and Dave, the grill and bonnet fit beautifully.

The gear knob shown in the photographs is a temporary item.


These pictures show the left hand door chrome, 'S' door insignia, dash panels and the new steering wheel going into place. We ended up rejecting the right hand door top chrome and ordering a new piece.

The following photographs show the new floor boards installed, the modified 5 speed shifter that we discussed many months ago, the new Triplex screen with replated chrome surrounds, and a rather grand view of the rear end with all the bootlid chrome and lamps in place. We are making excellent progress and are hoping to be able to deliver the finished car in January.

Almost 4 months since our last update with this project, but the photographs below show that we have not been neglecting our duties!

Yesterday (11/24) saw us test run the engine for the first time and I am delighted to report that everything performed beautifully. After such a long project it was encouraging for everyone involved to get the old car running once again. We have literally only a few more days of mechanical work before we hand the car over to David for the installation of the interior, glass, convertible top and the remaining chrome.

I hope you will be as encouraged as we are with this latest update!

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