1962 E Type Roadster (FB)
Major restoration 


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Totally restore the body (see how delivered in photograph to right), finish coachwork in Carmen Red, rebuild engine, gearbox and main mechanical components, deliver rolling 'chassis' to customer for home finishing.


Closing report - November 16, 2001

Our work is done here - it is now time for you to do some work yourself, Frank! I trust you can remember how everything goes back together? ;-)

Here you see the car waiting patiently for the Exotic transporter during a torrential Texas down pour.

Thank you for trusting us with this great project.

Best regards from all at Team CJ

Report date - July 26, 2001
On with the carbs, hoses, expansion tank, plug wires........

Report date - July 16, 2001
Almost there!

Report date - July 4, 2001
Starting to go back together! We are hoping to have the engine properly installed and the car back on the ground (for the first time in many years) early next week.

Report date - June 24, 2001
We now have the painted body safely back in the CJ Workshops, bang on schedule. Over the next few days we will get the car back on the ground and start building her up into a 'rolling chassis' ready for transportation back up to Oregon.

Report date - June 17, 2001

It was great top meet you and Barabara recently and I am delighted that you were so pleased with the progress we have made with your car.

The following photographs (as you know) were taken immediately after the restored body was painted. I am particularly pleased at the care and attention Cosmo has paid to the finish inside the cabin and under the floor pan.

We hope to have the finished article back in the CJ Workshops by the middle of the coming week.


Report date - April 16, 2001
Hi Frank: further to our telephone converation earlier today, please find attached my best attempt at more photographs showing the details you were particularly interested in. We build pretty good cars but we're really not very good at taking pictures in confined spaces!

Report date - April 15, 2001

The following pictures show the 'new' body in all its glory! As you know, this original body has received new floors, inner and outer sills, one new door, one new door skin, new frames, new boot floor, new rear wings and a new bonnet. Lawrence has done an absolutely fabulous job for you to the extent that I truly believe that this is the best restored E Type body that I have ever seen.

The engine, carbs, gearbox etc are already completely rebuilt. We safely received the crates containing your IRS and front suspension assemblies last week. The project is coming together beautifully!

We need you to visit as soon as possible so that we can arrange to take the body over to the paint shop to receive its new Carmen Red outer skin. I hope you are pleased with the progress.


Report date - Summer 2000

As you can see in these initial photographs, your sons dutifully delivered the car to CJ on schedule! We have already had Jeff Snider visit with us and assess the monocoque. As promised we will provide you with a full report/estimate regarding the bodywork and paint within the next few days.

Our initial thoughts are that the main shell is certainly worth saving, the doors will probably only need reskinning (marginal judgement call versus replacement) and the bonnet is definitely beyond economical repair.

We have already begun tearing down the engine, carbs and gearbox and we are currently doing some research on the chassis number as we feel the car may be quite a bit earlier than you thought. More on this later.....

Thank you for entrusting this important project to the Classic Jaguar team. We are delighted to be involved in the rescue of yet another of these great cars.


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