Team CJ engine frames
All 6 cyl E Types

Classic Jaguar is proud to offer our world class Team CJ engine frames for all 6 cylinder E Types.

Team CJ engine, picture and bonnet hinge frames are of superlative quality and made to far closer tolerances than any other alternative on the market. We use top quality carbon manganese alloys with (laser cut) mounting flanges for additional strength. Aesthetically, Team CJ engine frames are exact replicas of the originals - but they are significantly stronger.

Why are Team CJ engine frames so superior to anything else on the market?

There is nothing particularly high tech about the way Team CJ frames are made. They are built in small batches, exclusively for us, and throughout the entire manufacturing process, quality control and attention to detail are paramount. For each set of engine frames manufactured, a single master craftsman is responsible for the following:

Our heat treating is carried out by the same company responsible for a number of Formula 1 cars.

Team CJ engine frames look identical to the originals and weigh the same. They employ the same method of construction but there are two very important differences: they are far stronger and they fit!

We achieve this by using high strength, low alloy materials for all our brackets, heat treating them for optimum toughness. This stiffens up the whole structure and virtually eliminates the tendency that the other aftermarket frames have of cracking. We also use a much stronger yield material for our Team CJ picture frames - literally twice as stiff as mild steel but with comparable ductility.

Each side frame is guaranteed to fit original fixing points placing front suspension datums at mid tolerance. Likewise our Team CJ picture and bonnet hinge frames fit with zero stressing. This is achieved by constantly setting and resetting the frames during the manufacturing process in order to offset the effect of welding stresses.

Our bronze welding is carried out using modified silicon bronze rods (special alloy) which produces a tougher weld yet has a lower melting point (thereby reducing the risk of overheating the tubing). Additionally, we use a gas flux process which ensures better 'wetting' and allows porus free welds.

Finally, we etch blast welded areas and properly prime all Team CJ frames. When you receive them they are literally ready to paint.

Every set of frames is weld checked and all frames (without exception) are fully assembled on our bulkhead jig using Jaguar hardware. Once again, we absolutely guarantee a perfect fit! All Team CJ frames come with full certification.

We invite you to compare this fabulous Team CJ product alongside any of the inferior alternatives currently being offered. Our 100% money back guarantee shows you how confident we are that you will not be disappointed!

Part #
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Left hand engine frame (6 cyl E)
Right hand engine frame (6 cyl E)
Picture frame (S1)
With fan plinth
Picture frame (S1.5 and S2)
Without fan plinth
Bonnet hinge frame (S1 and early S2)
With spring hinge attachments
Bonnet hinge frame (S2)
Without spring hinge attachments


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