Job # 2210 (FC) - Ferrari Testarossa
Full engine rebuild

Update report - July 13, 2018
Putting the finishing touches to this challenging Flat 12 Ferrari engine rebuild.

The following sequence of photos show some of the repairs that were needed following the separation of the seized heads. Two of the stud bosses were damaged, and the surface of both blocks also required weld repairs and surfacing. Thankfully the bulk of these major repairs are now behind us and we can press on with with the engine rebuild.

Two of the stud bosses were broken during the
separation of seized heads from the block
Bosses were welded back in place during a visit
to the CJ Coachworks

Repairing damaged main cap stud threads
Initial surfacing of the block following weld
repairs to the deck surface

Measuring wrist pin clearance (.001" is within spec)

Fabricating a torque plate
Look for regular updates from this point forward!

This Flat-12 Ferrari engine came to us with both cylinder heads seized solid. Using traditional extraction methods and a custom fabricated pulling plate, were able to separate the heads from the block just enough to allow us to cut away the cylinder head studs - allowing us to remove both heads.

Our next task is to drill out what remains of the cylinder head studs.

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