F1 week at Classic Jaguar
Helping two Formula One teams out with some last minute repairs prior to the US Grand Prix

October 21, 2016

Huge thanks to James Boughton, Mark Pattinson and the entire Williams F1 team who treated myself and fellow Team CJ members Gerardo Lopez, Chris Scarborough and Andy McCreadie like royalty all day yesterday at the Circuit of the Americas. The entire Williams organization is total class from top to bottom. Good luck on Sunday, Felipe and Valtteri!

Thanks also to Geoff Simmonds of Renault Sport Racing for showing us around the Renault garage and introducing us to team driver Kevin Magnussen, whose fire damaged chassis we repaired just couple of days ago. It was a real privilege for us to spend time with both these teams!

Gerardo, Dan, Andy and Chris in the Williams garage
Cars are largely torn down between
practice sessions

Thrilling to be present for pit stop practice

Great to see Kevin Magnussen's car back in action
less than 2 days after it was painted at CJ

Kevin signed and presented us with one of his driving
shoes as a 'thank you' for repairing his car!

Feverish activity in the CJ Coachworks on
Sunday afternoon

Time to mask off prior to painting, late Sunday night
Chassis unmasked at 6am Monday morning

Looking pristine and ready for collection Monday
After some long hours and a lot of hard work, the
boys look justifiably proud of their work!

A pit lane fire in Sepang led to this car needing
some repairs prior to the US Grand Prix

Repairs underway in the CJ workshop in Austin,
Monday afternoon

CJ crew worked late into the night on Monday

Back to work at the crack of dawn on Tuesday Comparing a test spray-out to a side pod
freshly painted back at the factory

12 noon Tuesday

Chris, Guillermo and Gerardo at 2.30pm, after
wrapping up the painting (paint still wet)

3.30pm Tuesday, the car is now ready for
the mechanics