1961 E Type FHC (ES)
Total Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Another total Team CJ restoration to include just about every conceivable performance and reliability upgrade, including a CJ5 transmission, uprated brakes, cooling, ignition, etc, etc. The car will be finished in Opalescent Dark Blue with a biscuit Suffolk & Turley interior.



Update report - November 18, 2009

Your finished car is being collected and will be New York bound later today....




Time for shake down and road testing. We anticipate your car will be ready for delivery in less than two weeks...



Interior installation now virtually complete...

 Note early style tailgate bracket





Lots of progress with your interior installation....

Dash installation and retrim
now complete
Carpets now installed
Installing door panels
Almost ready to install seats


I am pleased to report that we have begun the installation of your new interior. First up was the headliner and cantrails..

Sam trimming your cantrails
Headliner and cantrails now installed

Restoring and retrimming your seats...

 Seat frames will be blasted and painted
Teak veneer tack strips are then cut 
Carlos fabricating the tack strips 
 Time to start installing the new hide
 Trimming out seat base
The finished article !


Maiden voyage time! Click on the large image for a short video clip of your vehicle on the move again for the first time in decades!



Next on the agenda will be installing the glass and replated chrome trim.

Opalescent Dark Blue is a popular
color in the workshop today!
Upgraded Smiths mechanical oil pressure 
gauge and volt meter
Negative ground badge warns future
mechanics of alternator conversion

We are expecting to receive all the chrome plating back in next few days and we are also getting very close to maiden voyage time!

 Bonnet now installed
Alec wiring in your dash
 SS exhaust has been installed
Assembling the restored heater box
 Chrome plating is expected back
any day


Installing the IRS, engine, transmission, carbs...


Time to start going back together. This is the fun part!
Lifting the body off the jig
Grade 8 fasteners thro'out
4 piston Dynapro Wilwoods
Car will be on its wheels
early next week


Painting in progress....


Time to start applying the first of the Opalescent Dark Blue paint...

3M Rock Guard is applied to the
underside of the floors
Underside is then painted in Opalescent 
Dark Blue
Next up, the inside of the cabin

The bodywork has now been completed and the car is going through the Slick Sand process. It is painstakingly blocked with the doors, tailgate and bonnet in place before being primed and painted. The panel fit is absolutely spectacular on your car.

Slick Sand is applied with the car
Note fit between top of door and rear wing, 
with one panel flowing into the next
 Guide coat is applied
 Followed by long days of blocking!


Your IRS has now been completely rebuilt and we have also now reassembled and installed the bonnet.

Flash back to your IRS as it was...
It was so dirty it almost looked 'furry'
Looking a little better!
Bonnet panels all stripped to
bare metal
Making a new cowl side panel
Inner bonnet panels glued and
bolted into place
Old cowl side panel cut away
New ly fabricated replacement panel
Rust proofing with Body wax
Lead loading the sills at bottom
of doors
Bonnet now fully assembled and 

Your differential has now been rebuilt and we have started assembling your IRS. Darrell has been working away on your body and I will publish some coachworks shots (as well as completion of the IRS) for you next week.

Differential completely rebuilt
Final drive is 3:31
Front suspension Nickel plated
Starting to reassemble IRS

Your gauges have now been rebuilt with the exception of the speedo that will be calibrated by a rolling test once the car is back on its wheels.

Your Stage One CJ engine rebuild has now been completed.

Five angle valve job
Uprated cams
Tappet hold-down kit on
exhaust side
HP ProRace dampner

The following photos show your engine rebuild in progress.

 Inner surface of block coated with
Glyptal paint
Team CJ's Ray Silkwood has been
building engines for 40 years
Rods meticulously resized and balanced 
in all CJ engine rebuilds
 Bearing clearances are checked and
double checked
Installing the new forged pistons 
 Upper chain guides are installed 'backwards' 
to better center the chain in the pad and for
improved rigidity when bolted to the block
rather than the aluminium chain tree
 Crank slinger is removed and upgraded
Teflon front seal installed
 Items being sent out for
Nickel plating
Items to be polished 

More bodywork progress....
Repairing the inner rear wheel arch
Body wax is sprayed between the inner
and outer panels
Inside of the repaired wheel arch
is also coated with wax
Fabricating the filler panel
Inside of filler panel also coated
Filler panel TIG welded into place
Repairing RH outer wheel arch
Modifying the firewall to accept
upgraded pedal box

This may be my biggest single photographic update ever! As you can see, we have been very busy with this project since my last report!


The following photos detail the restoration of your door frames and the installation of your new skins. The first photo shows some beautiful forged pistons specially made for your car by Arias.

Custom made Arias pistons
Door shells had some rust issues
that need attention
Bottom of each door frame needed
some new sheet metal
Time to install the new skins
Trial fitting the reassembled door

The following sequence of photographs shows Darrell repairing the forward transmission tunnel as well as trial fitting and assembling the new floors.

 Trans tunnel needed a little attention
 Using the Beverly sheer to trim the
repair panel
Offering the new panel into place 
 New panel is then TIG welded
into position
 Bead roller forms the
required lip
Trans tunnel repairs now completed
 Etching primer being removed
Weld thru zinc primer is then applied
to areas to be spot welded
 Trial fitting the new floors
The two sides are then spot welded 

Installing the RH inner sill, the floor cross-member and the rear driveshaft tunnel. Almost time to install the new floors.

Up inside the RH A pillar
RH side did not require quite as
much work as the LH
Trial fitting the new inner sill
Installing the strengthening gussets
Trial fitting the new cross-member...
....and new rear trans tunnel
Spot welding the cross-member
into place
Almost ready for the floors


The second photograph in the following sequence gives an idea of just how rusty this particular E Type monocoque was. Thankfully, some of the later photographs should be a little more encouraging for you!

 The rear bulkhead was repaired
 The inner box sections are 
gradually rebuilt....
A number of component panels
are fabricated
 The new panel is then spot
welded into place
All inner sections will be coated
with Wurth Body Wax
 Starting to come together...
Almost ready for the new inner sill 
Shipping primer is stripped and the
new panels are properly etch primed
 Trial fitting the new sill
 Spot welding the new sill in place
 New floors also stripped and
etch primed


We now have your car back from the blasters. What was left of the bodyshell we have sealed with BASF etching primer.

Unloading the blasted body
Both rear wings need major repair
Door shells will also need
significant help
LH rear wing is plain nasty!
Bare metal was sealed without 

We have now cut away all the panels that are obviously going to be replaced and have the car ready for blasting, which is scheduled for early next week. As you can see, this is one very rusty E Type!

Cutting away the outer sills
The monocoque is in very
poor shape
Not much left of the floor
Trans tunnel will be replaced
Boot floor is gone...

Your car is now completely disassembled and will be placed on one of the rotisserie jigs on Monday morning in readiness for media blasting.

Original body tag in boot
Dash panels originally intended
for a different body?
Engine frames will be replaced

This 62 FHC (car # 935) was recently acquired by the grandson of the original owner and is about to receive the full treatment in the CJ workshop. I hope you enjoy watching your come car together over the coming months!

Bonnet is probably not serviceable
Engine bay relatively complete
Correct early carbs
Generator missing
Correct early steering wheel
Picture frame is original
Factory crayon marks on firewall
Early style rad with Marston tag


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