1966 E Type roadster
Total restoration, mechanical upgrades


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration with a wide range of mechanical upgrades, Stage Two 4.7 liter engine, CJ five speed transmission, upgraded cooling, ignition, suspension, brakes, Borrani wire wheels, etc.



These spectacular photographs are a sampling of the images created for us by Danny Batista Photography, a couple of weeks ago. I hope you are pleased with the results!

We spent yesterday with Danny Batista Photography shooting hundreds of images of this beautiful E Type. We will publish the photographs in the next week or so.

We dyno tested the car again today, having installed our new CJ long manifold headers and straight through exhaust system. We were particularly pleased with the results, especially given the 100+ degree ambient temperature. Check out the results below!

Installing your new Borrani wire wheels..

Our exclusive Team CJ Borrani wheels used in
conjunction with OEM style Jaguar spinners

Dunlop ER/70 15 SP Sport radials compliment the
new Borranis perfectly
Team CJ Borrani has uprated hub, spokes and rim
 to handle this car's almost 400 ft/lbs of torque

Click on the photo below for a short video clip of one of the Dyno runs. This car is one of the most powerful road legal Series One E Types in the world.

Fabricating an adjustable dead pedal..

Dead pedal will be fabricated from aluminium

Holes formed using a dimple die

Mounting holes are slotted so the pedal is
adjustable for people of different heights
Trial fitting the finished article

Reassembly now well underway!

Webers will supply the fuel to the Stage Two engine

Dunlop sport tires look the part on new wire wheels

Team CJ headers
Wiring the dash

New gas tank installed
Starting to install the new red Suffolk & Turley

I am pleased to report that your car has now been moved into the trim room...

Restoring internal dash components
Retrimming dash panels

Installing Dynamat insulation

Yesterday afternoon Gerardo finished the painting process and I am pleased to report that the finished result looks absolutely spectacular. There is nothing quite like a freshly painted Opalescent Gunmetal E Type!

IRS now completely rebuilt
Clear coat being applied to the bonnet

Finished result looks fantastic

Gerardo applying the first coat of clear

Body rolled outside this morning

If there is a better color for an E Type than
Gunmetal, I don't know what it is...

Applying 3M Rocker Guard and painting the underside of the floors..

Applying the first of the Opalescent Gunmetal paint..

After a week of welding, grinding and hammering, your chrome trial fit has been completed. It is almost time to mix up some Opalescent Gunmetal!

Your car (on right) outside in the Texas sunshine yesterday
All chrome, glass and brightwork has been trial fitted



Headlamp rings are trial fitted with new seals and the
actual headlamp glass to be used



Screen installed with new rubber seal inorder to trial
fit chrome A post trim


We have now completed the bodywork stage of this restoration and the car has been put into high build, sprayable polyester primer. The last photo in the sequence below shows a magnified image of the bonnet gap, which is as good as it gets..












IRS rebuild underway, some beautiful powder coating, assembling vented front brake kit...












Lead loading continued...















Lead loading, installing new door skins...




Trial fitting rear lamp housings as part of the
lead loading process



New door skins installed



Trial fitting rebuilt doors


Your bodyshell has been removed from the rotisserie and is sitting on one of the roll-around frame jigs. Over the next few days we will be installing the replacement engine frames and fitting your new bonnet.

 Lead loading underside prior to removing body
from rotisserie






 Monocoque now on roll-around frame jig
 Assembling the new bonnet




Progress in the CJ Coachworks....
Trial fitting left lower quarter panel



Driver's shut face panel welded in place



Left lower quarter now welded in position
RH wheel arch has some rust on inner
skin that will have to be dealt with



Surface rust ground away, bare metal treated with acid
Fabricating repair panels



TIG welding repair panels






Installing the gas filler box



Rust proofing inner sill areas before installing
new outer sills
New floors and outer sills now spot welded in place


I am pleased to report that your Supersports 4.7 engine rebuild has now been completed.

Laying stroked billet crank in the block
Piston and rod assemblies installed



The finished article is a thing of beauty





Installing new transmission tunnel and new floors....




Trial fitting new trans tunnel
Preparing to rivet new radius arm cups under floor



Wurth Body Wax applied to inner box sections



After trial fitting, new floors are spot welded together
prior to installation



New floors now installed
Cabin is now 100% sound once more


This body restoration project is now officially underway ...









Things are about to get interesting in the the CJ machine shop...




Some gorgeous machine work on display, as well as your custom 4.7 Supersports stroker pistons, and a set of forged Crower rods.

 Lots of fresh Nickel plating
 4.7 Supersports stroker pistons are 48g lighter
than even our regular forged piston



Cylinder head now completely rebuilt
Stunning machine work



OEM rod (top) and Crower rod compared
Crower rod approximately 120g lighter than stock rod

We have been busy stripping the 'shipping primer' from your new replacement panels...








After blasting the body back to bare metal, we can now see exactly what we have to deal with in terms of bodywork and sheet metal replacement. All in all, your car is certainly much better than most E Types that visit the CJ Coachworks, although there are a few issues that will obviously need some attention. The underside of the floor, while not terribly rusty, is pretty beaten up. We should discuss your options in this regard, although I would be inclinded to replace the entire floor, if I was you.

 A few extra holes on the rear cowl
 Both front floors are pretty beaten up!



 Aftermarket driver's footwell



 Suspicous phillips screws up inside rear arches
 Rust holes lurking beneath



 Accident damage to left rear



 The lower quarter will be replaced



 About to seal the disassembled bonnet in epoxy
 Belly pan also showing signs of accident repair



 Doors are in great shape



 Up inside the nose of the bonnet center section
 Trans tunnel has been chopped about a bit



 Body sealed in Glasurit epoxy


The body has now been completely disassembled and sent off to be blasted back to bare metal....


I am pleased to report that your Stage One cylinder head rebuild has now been completed. We picked up a very healthy 55 cfm on the flow bench, which will make this a very strong running engine.

 Our port work resulted in big gains on the flow bench



 Pressure testing head after completion of port work
Head on assembly bench 



 It is a shame this machine work will be hidden!



 Head rebuild now completed

Torque plate honing cylinders and surfacing the engine block...

New timing chain cover was required because
the original was badly corroded
Torque plate honing cylinders to size



Surfacing block with new timing chain cover installed


The following photos show some of the block machine work in progress...

New linders now installed
Squarinf main caps prior to performing a much
needed align hone



Align hone in porgess



Forged CJ pistons
Honing cylinders to rough size - the process will be completed
with torque plate installed


Stage One engine rebuild now well underway...




Balancer was cracked






Cutting out old sleeves
Note block water jackets



The same water jackets cleaned out
Pressure testing cylinder head



Performing a baseline flow test
Magnafluxing block (crack checking)


I am pleased to report that your car has arrived safely at Classic Jaguar and we will have your restoration underway in the next few days.



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