1963 E Type roadster (Ed)
Another Team CJ Special!


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration incorporating numerous Team CJ performance upgrades.




The following pictures show Sam fitting your grey canvas convertible top!
Trial fit
Top is laid into place
The new top fits perfectly
Door glass fits top
cantrail very well
Grey was a good call, Ed!
 Custom soft top boot with navy 
blue piping

I thought you would enjoy seeing some photos of the car resting in the Texas sunshine during a break in road testing!

Putting the finishing touches in the trim room, installing chrome, lights and trim....


Click on above photo for short video clip of maiden voyage!

We are getting very close to the initital firing......
 Installing the new SS exhaust
New gas tank in place 
Team CJ headers..
The new cross-hatch gauge panel
looks superb - great job, Ed!


Installing your new Weber carbs.....


Installing the engine and CJ5 five speed transmission...

Heater pipes and wiper
linkage are installed first
Engine edges closer to car...
CJ5 transmission...of course!
CJ flywheel and 9.5"
diaphragm clutch
Mating CJ5 to engine
Installation is a snap
 Almost time for a test drive!

Installing the Dynamat heat/sound insulation and beginning to lay the new wiring harness into place.

Going together with the front suspension, steering, brakes, etc. Nice to see the car back on its own (temporary) wheels for the first time in many years!

 Installing the front suspension
Front now ready for the ground...
 Fuel line is run before we can
put the IRS under the car
 About to lower the rear end 
to the ground
Looking very much like
a car, once again!

With the colour sanding in progress (the tub is already finished), we have now started the reassembly process. It is very exciting to see the engine frames going into place and the car starting to take shape!
Starting to install the engine frames
Grade 8 hardware thro'out
 Just to prove this is your car!
New data plate, original J63 badge
cleaned up and reinstalled

My all time favorite E Type colour - Opalescent Silver Blue!

After priming the bonnet, a
guide coat is applied...
Getting ready to apply the high 
build primer to outer panels
 High build in the process of 
being blocked
Stamping the chassis # on
your new picture frame
 Lawrence blocking the high build
primer on your bonnet
 All that remains is 600 wet,
sealer then Silver Blue!


The following photographs will be updated throughout the day as we apply the first coats of Opalescent Silver Blue to your car. We are using a tinted sealer before we apply the OSB base coat.

Check back later today for more updates!


With the car back on one of the rotisseries we took a little time to straighten out a few of the dings and dents under the original parts of the floor, before sealing and applying the 3M Body Schutz. We hope to paint the underside Opalescent Silver Blue tomorrow.

In keeping with our stated ambition to make each bodyshell we do the best we have done so far, I am delighted to announce that I think your car fits the bill perfectly! Yesterday we removed the doors and the bootlid in order to repair and seal the underside of the boot lid and to apply sandable primer surfacer over the entire outer surface of the car.

When I pulled up at work this morning, Lawrence had already re-installed the doors and had begun to block the high build. The photographs below do not do the car justice - it is looking truly spectacular. Once this round of blocking is finished (Monday) we have some final repairs to make to the bonnet (lead immediately aft of the louvres) then we will be putting the car on one of the rotisseries and painting the underside Opalescent Silver Blue.

Door, cowl and panel are
blocked as one
Panel fit is superb thro'out
Underside of boot lid was nasty,
as you know....
Now repaired, the boot lid is sealed
This car is going to be
very, very straight!
Wetting the side down allows
us to check our work


Per our telephone conversation yesterday afternoon, check out Lawrence's custom 'bonnet bulge hammer' and the amazing results he was able to achieve reaching through the bonnet mouth and tapping away at all the dents the bonnet had picked up over 2 decades of storage!


Lots of progress this week - a study in sheet metal and lead....

The main bonnet fit work has now been completed and Lawrence has repaired and installed your original bootlid. As you know, the aftermarket bootlid was a tad flimsy, to say the least, and we decided you would be better off having your original restored.

The photographs below show Lawrence lead loading around the rear lamp housings (which are currently being trial fitted) and fine tuning the bootlid fit.

Braizing a repair around the
LH rear lamp opening
Lead loading boot opening
(video clip)
 Welding up all the holes in
the boot lid
 Boot lid fit adjusted with seal
and latch in place
Trial fitting rear lamps

Today we have been sealing up the bonnet, the rear end and the boot compartment. Lots of sanding, acid washing, prepping and priming today...


Good to see you yesterday, Ed!

During the bonnet installation, it became necessary to relocate the right hand latch mount and reduce its depth a little. It also took us half a day to grind off all the horrible old sealer that squidged (a technical term) out from beneath all the underside panels.

While the bodywork steadily progresses, we have been busy rebuilding some of your other ancillary components.
V12 brake booster now
completely rebuilt
 With the leadwork completed
on LH door, it is sealed
RH door now ready
to be sealed
Both doors latch and fit
exceptionally well
 Rear edge of bonnet will be cut
Dash panels now restored and
gauges installed
Glove box restored
 Time to trim the bonnet


It is now time to finish the bodywork and bring your car to paint. Before you know it your car will be back on its wheels, resplendent in its new Opalescent Silver Blue coachwork!
We will now be staying with this
project until it is painted
Initial trial fit of the new bonnet 
was very encouraging

I am delighted to report that your bodyshell has now been completely sealed with DP50 epoxy primer. The welders and lead (for the time being) have been put aside and it is now time to install your new Team CJ engine frames and your new bonnet.

Lots of 'hidden' yet vital work is done at this stage to get the best possible door fit - including all the associated chrome and brightwork. Time spent now results in a car that has beautiful fitting chrome and panels that flow from one to another without any jarring lines. At the time of writing we are well into the lead loading stage and will soon be sealing the entire bodyshell in epoxy primer before moving on to the installation of your new bonnet, etc.
 Fitting the newly skinned doors
Trial fitting the relevant chrome
trim in conjunction with doors
 Important to have screen pillars
fit together with door top chrome
 Notice how door top chrome
follows line of upper rear wing
Gaps will be fine tuned with lead 
Another view of the all important fit
between pillar chrome and door top
 Ultimately we will have uniform
1/8" gaprs around the entire car

When I last reported we were in the process of cutting out corrosion by the RH license plate area. As you can see, this repair has now been completed and we have also installed the new sills, firewall closing panels and a complete LH floor. We will soon be finished the sheet metal replacement and moving on to installing the new bonnet.
 The area is acid washed and
primed before....
Being sealed up 
 Applying Wurth body wax to
RH inner sill area
New subframe anchoring
points were installed
 New RH sill end closing
panel installed
 Body wax also forced up into
the inner A and B pillar sections
Outer sill now spot welded into
 New floor section spot welded
down the centre line of the car
More spot welds at the rear edge... 
...and around trans tunnel
 Now time to do the LH sill
Spot welding the new LH
outer sill into place
LH sill now welded into
 Time for some lead laoding
 Old antenna hole not required
Invisible mend... 

Cutting out more rust, installing new sheet metal and filling up some unwanted holes.
Old stereo speaker hole has
to go...
Lots of rust on small panel to
right of license plate
Close up of same panel
Cutting away the rusty sheet
No primer or paint on inner
panels from the factory...
Cutting away the boot floor
 Time to trial fit the new
boot floor
Will need to be trimmed
at the rear corners
 New boot floor a good fit
 Now spot welded into place

The following photographs show the reconstruction of the LH B pillar and the installation of the new outer wing and door shut face panel.
Slowly reconstructing the B
Weld thru zinc primer
Trial fitting shut face and latch
Trial fitting door and wing
Gas filler box spot
welded back into place
New wing a perfect fit
 Spot welding the new shut face
panel into place

The following sequence of photographs show how we restored and reskinned your doors.

LH shut face prior to
And modified to match you
original RH door
Blasting the door shells
 Sealed with epoxy primer (weld 
thru zinc primer on edges)
Now is the time to install
a new drain tube
Tapping the new skin 
into place
 The edges are then crimped
Before being spot welded 
Almost there...
Vital that corners are
square with sharp edges
Removing the last of the
'shipping primer'

As we trial fit the replacement LR wing, it is now time to restore and reskin the doors. It is interesting to note that your original RH door (pic # 9 below) has no provision for armrests (something which was introduced around June of 1963) but the replacement door you provided for the left side is obviously a later door from a car with recessed (S2) style door handle and a different latching mechanism. None of this is a problem, I just mention it out of interest and because we will obviously have a little longer in the LH door as we modify it for use on your car.
 The interior B panel was
undamaged in the impact
Trial fitting the new rear wing 
It is actually lining up very
well with the original panels
 Cutting the light opening
The gas filler assembly will 
be welded beneath the new wing
 Shell of replacement
LH door
 Different latch on later style
Will be welded and modified
to look like this
Note no provision for
armrests on your RH door

It is now time to restore the body of your E Type to as new condition - or some level better, actually! The shopping list for new panels is unusually short as this is one of the better E Type bodies we have been asked to restore. Having said that, the photographs below show some of the areas that will need new sheet metal, as well as the accident damage that you already knew about, of course.

The first thing on our list of tasks is to cut away the outer sills, the LH rear floor section, the boot floor and the damaged B pillar.

 Probably damage from a
leaking battery
Note rusted area in lower
right of this picture
Collision damage you
obviously knew about....
Boot floor is rusted through
in a number of areas
More perforations in boot
We will obviously close this
hole up
 Hinge frame has been damaged
New Team CJ frame is the
obvious solution!
We have found rust in the 
lower part of LH inner sill 
 Rusted through just behind
bracket for LH engine frame
About to cut the RH sill away
Removing the left rear
Almost done... 
Not pretty up inside! 
Cutting out spot welds
Old panels removed
Not much left of B post!

Nothing quite like an XK engine in all its glory!

As your car patiently waits its turn in the Team CJ Coachworks, we have been quietly rebuilding many of the mechanical components that we will need further down the road.
Lots of misc items already
Front suspension assembled
Pedal box being rebuilt
CJ racing pedals, of course!
 Upper steering column
 Gauges all fully rebuilt

IRS now completely rebuilt.....

Going back together with your IRS and 3:07 differential......

As you can see, we now have your car back from the media blasting company and I am delighted to report that the news is excellent! Other than the accident damage we knew about, this is one exceptionally sound bodyshell.
 Very solid monocouque
Damage from battery spill 
Impact damage 
Rear quarters are excellent 
Floors and bulkhead have
almost no rust whatsoever
Off to the powder coater 
Items to be nickel plated

We have now completed the disassembly of your E Type and catalogued all the parts you sent along with the car. In the next few days we will send the shell and various panels off for plastic media blasting. So far so good!
Old accident damage...ouch!
Pretty solid shell
The worst of the rust
Rear floors particularly good
Engine will be rebuilt
to Stage One specs
IRS will have full HP rebuild
Original 63 CA plates
Jury still out on boot floor..
A place for everything and
everything in its place.......

I am pleased to report that your E Type made it safely to Austin and that we expect to have the restoration underway within the next few days.

I hope you enjoy watching the restoration unfold and many thanks for entrusting this important project to Classic Jaguar!

As delivered....

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