1972 V12 Jaguar E Type roadster (DW)
Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Team CJ restoration to a rolling chassis. Coachwork to be refinished in Opalescent Gunmetal.



Update report - June 11, 2014

We now have your car back on its wheels, rolling and steering. The bonnet, doors and boot lid have been installed, along with all associated latches, etc. All that remains is for us to pack up you remaining parts and the car will be ready for transportation.

Chris Scarborough installing the engine frames, front suspension and IRS..

Front suspension components have been Nickel plated
Black anodized Grade 8 fasteners used throughout

New Koni shock absorbers all round

Poly bushings

Uprated CJ road springs
IRS now installed

Preparing to remove the body from the jig and set the car back on its wheels..


A couple of shots of the bonnet taken on Thursday immediately after Gerardo had applied the clear coat...


Painting in progress this afternoon...






Painting the underside of the bodyshell...









Applying the first of the new Opalescent Gunmetal paint...



The heart and soul of your 7.3 liter Team CJ Supersports engine, including a brand new block and the stroked RBR billet crank, etc.



Your custom wheels arrived from the UK this morning...



Trial fitting chrome, windscreen and factory hardtop...

 Bonnet grill surround had to be hammered
and ground into shape



 Now is the time to identify ill-fitting chrome, not after 
the car has been painted !!



 Transition between screen pillar and door chrome now
the way it should be
 Passenger side was also tweaked for best possible fit



 All bumpers, overriders and lights are trial fitted



 Trial fitting hardtop and associated chrome
After some filing, the hardtop chrome now fits very nicely 

I am pleased to report that we have now finished the bodywork stage of the restoration and your car is in high build Glasurit primer. The following sequence of photos were taken in the CJ parking lot yesterday afternoon. After priming, the body was reassembled using new rubber seals and latches. As you can hopefully tell from the photos, the panel fit on your car is truly spectacular.












Check out some pretty spectacular gains on the flow bench following our port work. We picked up well over 60 cfm at .450" lift on the intake side, which is a significant number for a V12 head.

 Exhaust baseline flow numbers
 Exhaust after porting



 Intake baseline flow numbers
Intake after porting 


Lots of progress in the CJ Coachworks....


The following sequence of photos show the repair of both rear quarter panels in progress. We have also bolted and glued the bonnet back together after it was blasted back to bare metal and sealed with Glasurit etching primer.

 More rust than we had hoped in the bodyshell
Cutting away corroded metal from the left rear quarter 



 These panels will be fabricated















 This area of the boot floor will be replaced






 Bonnet was in good shape after blasting
 Bonnet has been glued and bolted back together


Back from the blasters, unfortunately the body isn't quite as clean as we had hoped it would be. As well as a few corroded areas, there is also evidence of collision damage at various places around the monocoque. The worst damage is in the boot floor and the lower right hand rear quarter panel.

All in all, really not too bad...

 One of a few corroded areas that will be repaired



 Minor corrosion at the base of the firewall
 Lower right rear quarter is rough



 Right side cowl panel will be replaced



 Inside the boot compartment


It is time to have this body blasted back to bare metal.

Floors look extremely solid
Discoloration is mostly trim glue and red oxide primer






You can just about make out Oscar's hands in the
left hand headlamp opening
Bonnet is completely torn down prior to blasting



Outer sills cut off
Original inner sills are in fantastic shape!


Installing custom oversized valve seats...


IRS rebuild completed, front and rear suspension components Nickel plated...









We have now torn down the front and rear suspension systems and placed the body on a roll-around jig. The differential was in very poor condition, with a number of worn and broken components.

Items from IRS that will be powder coated



Items from IRS and front suspension that
will be Nickel plated



Broken component from diff



Inner floor surface rusted but very solid
Spare wheel still has 1972 vintage cosmoline on the spokes


We now have this project well and truly underway. Watch this space!

IRS removed for complete rebuild



Car will be stripped to a bare shell for repainting
Firewall and engine frames will also be repainted


Before tearing into this project, we decided to perform some baseline dyno testing. We will be looking to pick up approximately 250 rear wheel HP, which will put us somewhere around 575 HP at the flywheel, when our work is done.

Click on the image of the car below for a short video clip of the baseline dyno test.

The finished car will have around 460 HP at the wheels

Click on above photo for video clip of baseline dyno run
Car currently equipped with 4 X 2" SU carbs. Will be 
converted to computer mapped fuel injection


I am pleased to report that we now have your car in place in the CJ workshops and we will have the mechanical rebuild underway in the next few days. I hope you enjoying following the progress over the coming months!

Car is very striking in Opalescent Silver Grey with Red interior
Panel gaps will be improved throughout the car



A number of chrome items will be replated
Car will receive new carpets, convertible top, etc..

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