1969 E Type roadster
Show/driver restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Driver restoration, with mechanical upgrades. Car will be refinished in Opalescent Dark Blue with Biscuit hides.

This vehicle is now available for sale!



This vehicle is now available for sale!

I am pleased to report that this project has now been completed and another beautiful E Type is Florida bound 





Installing headlights..

Installing the bonnet, bumer. lights..


Your car is now in the trim room with Carlos, coming together very nicely...

Busy days at CJ !!



Engine bay filling up nicely



Carlos has been busy with your interior installation



Convertible top frame completely restored

Installing your rebuilt engine and new CJ5/600 five speed transmission....





Installing engine frames, font suspension, steering rack and brakes...


Painting the main bodyshell and doors...

Opalescent Dark Blue base coat applied



Paint comes alive with the application of the clearcoat





Painting inside the boot compartment and the interior cabin...





Applying the first of the Opalescent Dark Blue!

Underside and interior cabin will be painted on a rotisserie



 Underside is first coated with 3M Rocker Guard
 Rocker Guard is then sealed with Glasurit primer



 Opalescent Dark Blue base is next
 Followed by the clear coat



Underside is now as good (or better) than new


I am pleased to report that we have now finished the bodywork stage and your car is sitting in Slick Sand.






I am pleased to report that your sheet metal and lead loading repairs have now been completed and your interior trim work is also well underway...

Last panel to be replaced






Inner panel is trial fitted first
Fabricating outer repair panel using plenishing hammer



This machine creates the flanges
Trial fitting repair panel






Trial fitting rear canopy repair panel



Welding new panels in place



Welded seams after grinding and metal finishing






Lead loading repaired area



Another invisible and permanent repair
Unpacking Suffolk & Turley interior kit



Seat back frames restored






Trimming seat base



First seat completed and assembled


Sheet metal and lead process now virtually complete. Filler work underway....



















































Floors now replaced, installing outer sills ......

 Installing new lower engine frame mounting brackets



Trial fitting right hand outer sill
Outer sill fitted in conjunction with door



Applying Body Wax to all inner surfaces



Rear floor brace welded in place
Outer sill now spot welded in place



About to install the sill/firewall closing panels


More progress in the Coachworks.....

Installing new floor cross-member



Inner rear bulkhead required extensive repairs






Installing new outer rear bulkhead









Trial fitting and trimming floors
 Wurth Body Wax applied to areas of floor that will be concealed 
within rear bulhead and beneath floor cross-member
Spot welding new floors into place





























I thought you might light to see something other than rusty sheet metal, today! We disassembled your brake and clutch master cylinders, as well as your brake booster, and really none were serviceable. The booster slave cylinder wall was badly corroded, so we decided to replace all three items with new units. We have now completely rebuilt your steering rack and have also begun restoring your convertible top frame and dash components.

Pedal box serviced and new brake and clutch
master cylinders installed
Steering rack rebuilt
Dash panels have been cleaned, painted and retrimmed
Assembling convertible top after painting
New wooden header bow and tack strip

Back from the blaster, the news obviously isn't as good as it might have been. Having said that, we have seen and fixed much worse, so there is nothing in the following photographs for you to worry about 



Restoring your seat frames....

 Seat bottom mounting plinth needs repair



 Interior items after media blasting



 Frames now painted, new diaphragms installed

I am pleased to report that we now have this project underway. Our first task will be to improve the panel fit and to identify any areas of the bodywork which may need some repair due to corrosion.

 Rust hole found under bubbling paint



 Red gas tank will have to go!
 Working on boot lid fit



 Frames will be removed, stripped and inspected
Bondo cracking beneath the paint 



 Another small rust hole at front of lh sill
Interior items about to be media blasted 



 Car is rolling
Car is obviously  very solid, was
painted inside and out

All new top hat liners installed

Align hone completed
Honing cylinders to fit
forged CJ pistons
Surfacing deck of block

Pressure testing cyl head


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