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Report date - February 28, 2001

The following pictures show the new Nardi Anni 50 wheel installed, as well as the gas tank and the interior side panels starting to go into place. The dark blue piping looks great against the light blue trim materials.

Watch for regular updates from this point forward!


Report date - February 23, 2001

Just a teaser of what is going on in David's trim room.............

Report date - February 16, 2001
The bonnet looks even better on the car! A friend in Norway has described the progress photos of your car as Internet Porn...I think he was being complimentary ;-)

Report date - February 14, 2001
I am delighted to report that we now have the Kevlar bonnet back from the paint shop complete with its new extra length aluminium louvres and NACA intake vent. The car will be moved into David's trim room tomorrow morning (now that the XK 150S is finished) and I will take a bunch more photographs for you then.

This car is now getting VERY close!

Report date - November 28, 2000
We thought you might like to see how your new Wilwood vented brakes look on the car.

They register a Perfect 10 on the Team CJShiny Scale!


Report date - November 25, 2000
It was great to meet you during your recent visit to CJ. We love happy customers - and as the first two photographs below show, you may just be the most enthusiastic customer we ever had!

I am pleased to report that the car is coming along extremely well. David has begun the process of installing the interior, and has already completed the dash, wiring, headliner, gas tank and fuel lines. The new Triplex screen has been installed and every single piece of chrome trim has been trial fitted and sent for replating. The vented Lexan rear screen has been trimmed for fit and will be installed in the next few days.

Your car has reminded me of a long held belief - that the Series One E Type FHC is perhaps the most beautiful road car ever built.


Post Script - August 29, 2000
I forgot to include the pictures you requested of the Nardi Anni 60 steering wheel - sorry!

Click on thumbnails to view larger images.

Report date - August 28, 2000
Starting to come together! The photographs below show the engine frames being installed, followed by the suspension, hubs, steering rack, torsion bars, adjustable reaction plate, etc, etc, etc. The rear end has also been bolted in place and the car is rolling once again.

Hope you are pleased with the progress!


Report date - August 16, 2000
Here you can see the fitting of the Kevlar bonnet. Obtaining the desired fit has proved to be a challenge, although I am pleased to say that it now fits perfectly with matching contour to the cowl and a beautifully uniform 1/8" gap all around.

Jeff has now put back the projected date when we will be receiving the fully painted body until Friday...we shall see!


Report date - August 12, 2000

Report date - July 4, 2000
The following series of photographs show the rear suspension being completely rebuilt.
Our plan is to have the major mechanical components rebuilt and ready to install as soon as the painted body comes back from Jeff's in the next two or three weeks.

Click on thumbnails to view larger images - and allow plenty of down load time as there are quite a lot of photographs!

Happy 4th July from the crew at CJ.


Report date - June 11, 2000

It's been a little while since we updated you so we thought you might like to see some of the interior restoration going on while the body is still away at Jeff's being painted. (Jeff estimates that he has about another 4 weeks of work before we have the shell back at CJ).

Incidentally, the differential has now been rebuilt and John should be assembling the rear end for you over the next few days.

We did manage to find you an alternative core 4.2 engine (after the first core was found to have too many problems) and that is already at the machine shop in Illinois.

Hope you like the way the seats turned out!

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 Report date - April 10, 2000

The following photographs show the body following the paint stripping process. The only panels that will need to be replaced are the forward section of the right hand sill and one footwell. All in all, a remarkably rust free E Type!

The final photo shows the repaired frames being trial fitted.

Lots of progress since our last update!


Update report - February 19, 2000



Update report - February 19, 2000 (AM)



Update report - February 18, 2000




Update report - February 12, 2000


Report date - November 10, 1999

I am pleased to report that we now have your E type safe and sound at Classic Jaguar. A number of the high performance Team CJ components that you have specified have been set aside for you, including the triple Dellorto carb set up shown in the photographs below.

We look forward to beginning the project in earnest soon and will keep you abreast of progress through these pages. Look for regular updates after the first of the year.

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