Don Renollet and his E Type at Indy!

October 3, 2007

Dear Dan,
We had an event "Indy British Motor Days", which became the inaugural outing for the E-Type. Thought I'd send you a pic or two for consideration in the CJ "Customer Gallery". It is a car that began life as a "basket case" a couple of decades ago, and we thought it fitting to at least have running gear up to snuff for a lap around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Enclosed are some shots of my brother & cousin that helped me get the car sorted to this point, as well as a shot of the beautiful nose looking down the main straightaway!
Of course - your shop resealed the rear diff, provided the spin on adapter and countless other goodies.
Thanks again for the inspiration ....I  just wanted to you to see a pic of something that you were immensely helpful on.
PS Obviously not complete but on its way!
Don Renollet
Indianapolis, IN

Don (on right) with his brother Frank
Pointing the E Type down the famous straight at Indianapolis Moor Speedway
(Left to right) Don, Frank and Brian at the Brickyard Motel

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