1966 E Type roadster (DK)
Team CJ driver restoration 


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Another Team CJ driver restoration to include just about every performance and reliability upgrade, including a Team CJ Stage Two 4.6L engine rebuild, a CJ5 transmission, uprated brakes, cooling, ignition, etc, etc. The car will be finished in Signal Red with Biscuit Suffolk & Turley hides.



Another Team CJ project wrapped up and ready for the open road!

Signal Red paint gleams in the spring sunshine

Abarth resonators and tail pipes

Custom AC unit fits neatly beneath the dash
Seats are heated (really)

Sound system is concealed and blue tooth
Stereo and heated seat controls plumbed
inside center armrest cubby

Earlier today we dyno tested your car and it put down some very healthy numbers, especially considering it has all its engine bay ancillaries (including the AC compressor) connected and running! In a conservative state of tune, with air filters and full exhaust installed, your Team CJ Stage Two engine is producing 340 HP and 380 ft/lbs of torque. This is going to be one exceptionally fast E Type Jaguar.

Installing gauges to dash panels..

Engine installed, engine bay filling up rapidly...


Your Team CJ Stage Two 4.6L engine rebuild has now been completed...


Team CJ Stage Two cylinder head rebuild now completed...






Building the Team CJ Stage Two short block...

 Billet stroker crank is a thing of beauty
Balanced to perfection 



 Crower forged rods
Custom stroker forged CJ pistons 



 Torque plate cylinder honing in progress



 Leying in crank
Interference issue identified 



 Machining main cap to provide crank clearance
 Problem solved!

Back on its wheels for the first time in a while...






Installing engine frames, front suspension, brakes, steering rack...






I am pleased to report that the entire car has now been painted. They should see you coming in this one, Dave 


Cabin and boot compartment now painted. Next week we will paint the outer body panels...



It is now to apply the first of the Signal Red paint. So far we have painted the underside of the bonnet, the engine frames and beneath the floors. Later today we will be painting inside the cabin and boot compartment.

 Rocker guard applied to under carriage






 Signal Red drying in Texas sunshine


We have now fitted the new bonnet and completed all the body work. The following photographs show a guide coat being applied over Slick Sand. After blocking the Slick Sand with 120 then 180 grit, with all panels in place and latched, it will then be time for priming and painting.

 Guide coat is applied over Slick Sand
Latches and appropriate rubber seals 
are installed for final blocking

With the bulk of the sheet metal replacement and lead loading completed, we have now sealed the car in epoxy primer, installed the new CJ engine frames and stripped and begun installing the new bonnet.

All bare metal will be sealed with epoxy primer
Installing the new CJ engine frames
Stripping the junk shipping primer from the new 
bonnet is a tedious but essential task
Preparing to fit the bonnet to the car
Your car has plenty of company
in the CJ Coachworks!


It is now time to carry out the monocoque rebuild. The body has already been blasted and the photos below some some of the new panels that will be installed over the coming weeks.


Gauges now fully rebuilt as new
IRS rebuild now virtually complete

 New 45 DCOE Webers
 Time to put IRS together
Wilwoods for the front

All front suspension has now
been beautifully Nickel plated

 Building the differential

 New clutch pack
Immaculately clean diff housing 
 3:54 perfect for CJ5 five speed!

 Steering rack rebuilt
Trimming out the dash panels 
 Gauges have been sent
for restoration/rebuild

 Drilled and slotted rotors
at all 4 corners
New stainless pistons for
the (larger) rear brakes


Door skins removed to give
blaster access to innards
Off to the bead blasters!
Other items being blasted
along with the body and bonnet

Items to be powder coated
IRS will be rebuilt over
the next couple of weeks
We will upgrade the rear brakes

Cage was mangled, so....
We exchanged it for one
that is already powder coated
Good used boot lid from
CJ stock

IRS will be rebuilt next
3.54 will work great
with the CJ5 five speed
Pretty nasty sills!

Cutting away damaged frames
Not much left!
Many hands = light work

Home to a rats in the past
CJ5 5 speed will be installed
Ready for the blasters


Seats need a little TLC !!!
Boot floor looks pretty solid
Main floors and sills are toast

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