1967 E Type roadster (DD)
Total Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total Team CJ restoration featuring several performance, comfort and reliability upgrades. The car will be finished in Opalescent Maroon coachwork with Biscuit Suffolk & Turley hides.



Another Team CJ restoration completed and ready to return home!

Click on the image above for a video clip of your car being run on the chassis dyno earlier today!

Lots of great progress in the trim room this week.

Trimming the rear bulkhead

Both door panels have been installed
Rear bumpers, lights and trim now installed

Installing CJ headers and stainless steel exhaust system..

Installing your engine yesterday...

Wrapping up the IRS rebuild, engine and transmission about to be installed...

Installing your new Triplex windscreen and chrome trim.

Assembling your rebuilt differential and brakes.

Time to put this thing back together!

Your seats have now been restored and trimmed in beautiful Suffolk & Turley hides.

The firewall has now been painted - only the engine frames remain..

Painting the bonnet and boot lid...

Painting the main body and doors...

Paint looks wonderful in the Texas sunshine!

This afternoon we painted the underside of the bonnet. Tomorrow morning we will begin painting all the outer panels!

Applying the first of the Opalescent Maroon paintwork! The following sequence of photos show how we rock guard then paint the underside of the car, which is now literally better than new..

As we get the chrome trial fit process underway, we have unfortunately found that much of the original chrome is beyond economical repair. The bumper overriders are badly damaged, and the bumper blades themselves are severely corroded. We have therefore order new replacements and the chrome trial fit will continue once they arrive from England.

Sheet metal and lead work has now been completed...

We have now welded the front and side cowl panels in place and begun the lead loading process.

Trial fitting and installing new top and side cowl panels...

Fabricating new inner canopy panels
Time to start trial fitting the new bonnet

Fabricating new door top drain panels
Trial fitting new drain panels to door frames

Cowl was too badly rusted to save and will be
replaced with a new panel

We can finally declare this car rust free!

Internal panels (beneath cowl) stripped to bare metal
and sealed with epoxy primer
Waiting on delivery of new cowl from England

Installing outer sills, new rear boot floor assembly, re-skinning doors...

Oscar has been making great progress replacing your trans tunnel and main floors..

Trial fitting main floors before welding the
two sides together
New trans tunnel panels also trial fitted at this stage

Trial fitting torsion bar reaction plate
Trial fitting transmission mount

Welding inner sill gussets in place

Spot welding left and right floors together down
the center line

Looking in the background of this shot, it is easy
to see what Oscar will be tackling next!

Preparing to apply Wurth Body wax to inner sections
that will be enclosed when floors are installed

Welding rear floor brace in position

Oscar has been making excellent progress with the sheet metal replacement.

Rear subframe anchor points are rusty and
will be replaced

This E Type is about as rusty as you are ever
likely to see

Oscar fabricating new rear subframe anchor brackets
Creating a groove down the center line of the
new brackets on the Pullmax machine

Marking the outline of the new brackets using
the rusty original as a template

TIG welding captive nuts in place

New brackets completed and ready to install
Nice work, Oscar!

Inner sills will be the first new panels to be fitted

Fabricating more new panels for the rear subframe

Nice to see some new sheet metal being
welded in place!

To be continued..

Your Stage One engine rebuild has now been completed..

Stage One short block rebuild now completed..

Short block now literally better than new
Measuring deck height as part of compression
ratio calculation

HP Pro Race damper
Uprated ARP main and rod bolts

Lots of progress in the CJ engine machine shop this week..

Align honing camshaft saddle housings
Test fitting Stage One camshafts

Preparing to torque plate hone engine block
Cylinder honing in progress

Surfacing block after honing

Painting the chain housing and crank
case with Glyptal paint

The following sequence of photos shows step by step how we repair damaged oil pan plug threads, as well as welding up damage in two combustion chambers in the cylinder head.

 Oil pan is held by a special fixture on the end mill

 Drain plug is first drilled to size
Steel threaded insert inserted 

 Matt welding the new threaded insert in place

 Excess weld is then machined flat on the mill
Finished result is better (stronger) than new 

 Damaged combustion chambers welded up by Jake
Machining excess weld on mill 


Your car has now returned from being blasted back to bare metal, and as you can see from the photos below, it is in rough shape. Nothing the guys in the CJ Coachworks can't handle, although the replacement panel list on this project is going to be pretty extensive!












Your engine has now been completely torn down and your Stage One rebuild is underway..



I am pleased to report that your car and all its component parts have been safely delivered to Classic Jaguar and we now have the restoration underway. I hope you enjoy following the progress in these pages.

 Not always the easiest thing to transport a car that
is in 1,000 pieces



 Thankfully everything was exceptionally well packed



 Engine rebuild (Job # 2085) about to get underway


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