1967 420 Saloon
Total Team CJ Restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Total restoration of a car that has been in the same family from new. A host of performance and reliability upgrades will be incorporated. The car will be finished in British Racing Green with Biscuit hides.


Time for a few finishing touches, such as the custom steering wheel and the last few pieces of chrome, etc.
Custom wheel compliments the 
dash veneer nicely
Overriders and bootlid badging
now installed
Installing the front indicator
Stereo installed and working
New door mirror should
be quite practical


Sam has been having a few problems related to the stereo that you had installed. Basically the head unit does not want to fit in the console. More on this later.....
Front seat frame now installed
Sam wrestling with the stereo head
and the console
Interior starting to look rather
British Autowood shift knob
on CJ5 looks great!
Kids need to pass inspection
before being allowed inside!
Both front seats now installed

Installing the rear seat, the door panels - and perhaps the most outrageous stereo ever installed in a Jaguar 

Going on with the re-trimmed
door panels
Wood trim finishes it
off beautifully
Almost ready for the front seats
Outrageous stereo in boot!

The center console has  now been trimmed and installed.


We had some fun working out a way to mount your aftermarket air conditioning vents in the dash parcel shelf, although the finished result works very well. The problem we had was the kit had been designed for a Mk II, which has an entirely different dash. In the end we decided to fabricate miniature 'speaker boxes' which we then trimmed out in biscuit moquette, to match the 'floor' of the parcel shelf.
Dash vents for after market AC
AC controls
Not sure what happened to my
camera with this shot!
Installing the custom boxes to
the parcel shelf
Still some useful storage space


Time for some lights and chrome.....


Installing the front lamps and
bumper blade
Custom tank looks great!
Note compact AC compressor
Rear seats going into place

As you can see, the car is progressing nicely.....
New Triplex screen installed
Dash surround retrimmed
Starting to look good inside!


Installing the engine, trans and Weber carbs....


Installing the headliner and the first of the refinished wood trim....

Going together with your beautifully detailed front suspension subframe...

With everything meticulously colour sanded and buffed, it is now time to start putting the car back together. The following photographs show your car swallowing huge quantities of Dynamat!



The paintwork has now been completed and the finished result is absolutely spectacular. We look forward to you visiting and seeing it in person next week!

Note: The pictures below were taken in the booth both with and without a flash. That is why the BRG seems really dark in some of the shots and lighter in others.

Starting to apply the sealer
Sealer is tinted green
Base coat applied
Clear being applied
The car looks absolutely
Even the door jambs are
I can't wait to see all the chrome going 
into place against the BRG backdrop
Check out this close up to see the
quality of the paint application


Yesterday was a busy day and saw some tremendous progress. We now have all the interior panels as well as the doors, bootlid and bonnet all finished. I am pleased to report that they look spectacular! Everybody here is thrilled with the British Racing Green colour.
The sealer is tinted green
Starting to apply the base
The first pass of clear
BRG is beautiful in the sunlight
Doors are supremely straight
Time to paint the main


The first coats of British Racing Green will be applied over the next few days. We will paint the cabin, engine bay, boot compartment, underside of the boot and bonnet and then wheel arches first - then paint all the outer panels early next week.
 Masking the outer panels
Cabin, engine bay and boot
will be painted first
Going on in the background..... 
 The interior is sealed first....
The sealer is tinted green 
Underside of bonnet 
 Boot compartment received 3M 
rocker guard first, then sealer
Engine bay was also saled 
Eric seen here applying the 
first pass of British Racing Green 
Another coat of base will be 
followed by two clear coats on 
the inner areas
 The first pass of base in the engine bay
 Time for some clear...
Colour is darker without
the flash...

Repairing the lower valance beneath the grill. Your car will be immediately following the 63 roadster that is scheduled for painting on Friday of this week. You can also see from the photographs below that we have been steadily rebuilding and repairing all the various ancillary mechanical components ready to put the car back together once it is painted. The shelves are getting pretty stacked!

The following photographs show your car receiving its last coat of K-38 high build primer and 3M rocker shutz in the engine bay, wheel arches and boot compartment.

As you can see, we have now removed the front subframe, almost finished the IRS rebuild, and repaired the rusted panel on the firewall.
Cutting away rusted firewall panel
This panel salvaged from a
Mk II 
The finished repair
Stainless steel pistons
Drilled and slotted rotores
 Front subframe removed

Assembling your Stage One the engine.......a thing of beauty!
 Measuring deck height
Compression is 9.425:1 
 ARP rod bolts and main
bolt lock washers
Installing the new head studs 
 Teflon front seal
Time to install the head! 
Safety wiring the cam
Finished engine a thing of beauty!

Blocking the boot lid
Diff rebuild underway
Plating company short changed us..

Starting to go back together with your engine....
Glyptal paint sheds oil 
Rebuilt and balanced rods
Beautiful machine work
 Powdered, dry rust collects behind
the main brass plug in the block
Plug replaced - after being polished
for good measure!
 Also important to remove distributor
driveshaft for proper block cleaning
Reinstalling distributor shaft

As the bodywork proceeds, we have begun rebuilding your engine and IRS. I have commissioned a 'one off' set of Team CJ shocks for your car, as well as a new aluminium expansion tank. The flow results for your cylinder head were oustanding, with a 35 cfm gain combined with a significant increase in velocity.
 Trial fiting chrome
Latches and seals are also
installed at this stage
Installing the bonnet 
 Tappet hold-down kits
on exhaust side
Stage One cams 
Note large intake valves and
polished domes
Painting the engine internals
with special paint
Time to start reassembly


Over the last couple of weeks we have been doing lots of blocking and sanding, which isn't particularly photogenic, I'm afraid! I am particularly pleased with the way the door fit is working out, however, and thought you might like to see a couple of photographs of the trial fitting process.
With rubber seals installed, the 
doors are adjusting out nicely
Gaps are nice and even, 
front and rear
Matching door height with
centre shut pillar
Important that front doors match
contour of front wings

We now have what little panel replacement there was behind us (except for the water damaged firewall) and the car is now in high build primer. The doors, bootlid and bonnet will be primed later today.

As you can see from the following photographs, your interior wood trim has now been completely restored and looks absolutely beautiful. Saul Chaplin (British Autowood) did a superb job for us - as he always does.

I hope you can find time to pop in and see the wood in person, as the photographs really don't do the finish justice.



I thought you might like to see the new custom aluminium radiator we had made for your car by Ron Davis Racing in Arizona. It is truly a thing of beauty!

As you can see, the car has now been plastic media blasted (outer panels only) and the sheet metal is in truly remarkable condition. It isn't very often that I can say that a car is in better condition than I though it would be prior to the bead blasting process!
Bodywork 99% rust free
As are all the major panels
Priming bonnet, doors and bootlid
Bootlid is in new condition
It will be a while before we get
to painting stage, so....
we went ahead and sealed the bodyshell
to prevent it surface rusting
Engine was very grimy!
Starting to come apart..
Stage One rebuild underway
Valve covers unrecognizable!
All latching assemblies
carefully labeled
Gauges restored/rebuilt

I am happy to report that (so far) your car is every bit as rust free as we thought it might be. I'm not sure I have ever seen better original floors in a 1967 motorcar!
 Everything is carefully labeled
Even trim pieces that will be
used as templates
Upper floors are in amazing
 More evidence of the original 
BRG colour
 Spare tyre cover is absolutely
perfect - literally as new!

I am delighted to report that we now have the total restoration of this classic 1967 420 Jaguar saloon underway. The finished car will feature a Stage One engine, upgraded cooling, ignition, brakes, AC and suspension - as well as a custom built CJ5 five speed gearbox and much, much more!

I hope you enjoy watching the work in progress!

420 interiors were beautifully
trimmed with walnut and hides
Great care is taken removing
all the wood trim
On this car, wood in
unusually good condition
Removal of the screen makes
dash disassembly easier
Almost complete original
tool kit in the boot
Gauges now removed
Wiring will be replaced
Dash now out of car

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