David Shield  
1969 E Type Roadster

Update report - August 21, 2000
The following photographs show David's 1969 roadster shortly after it had received a bare metal repaint from Dave Ferguson of Images Autos in Campbell, California. Refinished in Opalescent Dark Green with a biscuit Suffolk & Turley interior, this is destined to be one fabulous E Type!

The photographs of the engine bay show just how good a customer David has been to Team CJ too!

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Disassembling the brake booster slave
The following sequence of photographs show the various stages in the disassembly of the brake booster slave. I hope they clarify what it is you need to do.

1. Hold the servo over a pan and drain any accumulated hydraulic fluid via the vacuum pipes.
2. Run a pair of 5/16" SAE nuts over each of the three threads to protect them.
3. Clamp the slave in a vice with soft jaws (rags will suffice). Using a pry bar against the studs, twist the cover anti-clockwise so that the notches match the dimples - and remove it.
4. Pull the diaphragm from its plastic support.
5. In the uncovered groove you will find an opening with a metal keeper.
6. Turn the servo until the opening is on the bottom and press in on the support so that the keeper falls out. (This may take a bit of joggling).
7. Bend back the lock tabs and remove the 3 bolts retaining the slave cylinder.
8. Remove the cylinder from the servo.
9. A good solid tug on the operating rod will remove the primary piston assembly.
10. Clamp the cylinder in a vice and remove the feed pipe fitting.
11. With a Philips screw driver press in on the secondary cylinder slightly and remove the locking pin from the opening.
12. tap the end of the cylinder on something solid until the secondary piston comes out.

Dan M

 Cover diaphragm and 
support removed
 Nuts protecting the threads
 Keeper described in step # 5
 Lock tabs
 Removing primary piston assembly (# 9)
 Removing the feed pipe fitting (# 10)
Depressing the secondary cylinder
and removing the pin (# 11)
Tapping to remove the 
secondary piston (# 12)
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