V12 E 5 speed conversion (DS)

Update - February 15, 2000

Update - February 12, 2000

Update - February 10, 2000 (PM)

Update - February 10, 2000 (AM)

Update - February 4, 2000

Update - February 1, 2000
Although your project will be a short one for us at CJ, we are pleased to provide you with a photographic record of the work in progress.

At this time we are planning to install the JT5 five speed, a Team CJ alloy flywheel, Team CJ headers - as well as carry out some routine maintenance while we have your engine on the ground.

Once we had the engine out, we discovered the problem that caused the car to let Ben down when he was delivering it to us - it was simply that the positive terminal on the starter motor had come loose. I have included a photograph of your brake master cylinder because it is leaking and requires a rebuild - and a new reaction valve.

If there is an icon at the top of the page asking you if we can assist you, it is possible that we are live on the website and may be able to answer any questions you may have in real time. Simply click on the icon and type your questions into the communication box that will appear.

We hope you enjoy watching your project as it progresses.




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