1967 E Type roadster (DA)
Total Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Another Team CJ special in the making, this Southern California car will feature just about every available CJ performance and reliability upgrade.


I am pleased to report that the restoration of your car has now been completed and we will be making the transportation arrangements in the next few days.




Final road testing underway. I hope the custom interior has come out the way you imagined/designed it!

Putting the finishing touches to your interior installation..


It is now time to install your interior and the remaining brightwork.

Laying stereo wiring in place
Masking off prior to installing
the chrome beading
RH headlamp glass and chrome 
trim now installed

We have now received the custom Suffolk & Turley interior, created precisely to your specifications.

Tan with black piping
Tan and black door panels

We now have the lights and most of the glass and brightwork installed. The next step will be to begin road testing prior to installation of the interior. Speaking of the interior, we really need a final decision on colors and options soon!

Lots of Dynamat insulation!
Bumpers and lights now in place
3.8 style center dash trim



As you can see, we now have the engine and transmission installed. The engine bay is filling up rapidly!
Installing the CJ flywheel and
new clutch assembly
New CJ5 five speed mated
up to rebuilt engine
Newly polished valve covers
All chrome has been sent off
for re-plating

Back on all four wheels!


Now for the fun part! The photos below show your car starting to go back together.
Front suspension has been 
Rebuilt booster and new master
cylinder going into place
Rebuilt rack, Poly bushings
New SS heater pipes

The following photos show Carlos color sanding and buffing the body...


I am delighted to report that yesterday's shoot went off without a hitch and the car looks great in its new Opalescent Dark Blue livery!


After weeks of blocking and sanding, it's finally painting day! We will be painting the bodyshell, doors and bootlid today followed by the bonnet tomorrow. Watch this space!

First a thorough cleaning...
Then masking...



We have now sealed and painted the undeside of the car, as well as the cabin and boot compartment.

Great care is taken not to get any
rocker guard inside the car...
All joints are seam sealed before
applying rocker guard
Boot is also seam sealed
Two light coats of rocker guard
were then applied
Both footwells were replaced
Area above IRS also receives the
full treatment
Exhaust hanger studs have their
threads taped
Tinted sealer then applied
The first of the Opalescent Dark Blue
paint going on...

I am pleased to report that the Slick Sand stage has been completed and the car has already been primed. We have put the car back onto one of the rotisseries so that we can paint the underside, the firewall, the cabin and the boot compartment Opalescent Dark Blue before final sanding and painting the outer panels. Look for the first of the Opalescent Dark Blue later this week!

The photographs below also show progress with the engine rebuild - something which should also be completed in the next few days.

Cabin was stripped to bare
metal then etch primed...
Boot compartment also sealed
About to apply high build primer
Back on a rotisserie so we can paint
underside, cabin, firewall and boot
Amco bar holes in overriders
were welded up
Trial fitting bumpers, etc
Scrubbing engine block after
machine work
Crack in oil pan
What it looks like inside
Welded up and repaired
Painting inside the block with
Glyptal paint
Pistons meticulously balanced
Measuring deck height
Measuring piston dome volum
Crank ground to .010 and .010, ARP
rod bolts used on rebuilt rods
Original timing chain cover was
badly pitted
A good used alternative was 
Pro Race dampner installed
Ready to receive the head...

We have just about finished the filler and blocking stage and hope to be applying the Slick Sand later this week. The panel gaps have been fine tuned and are absolutely perfect. Later this week I will shoot out and send you test panels for Opalescent Dark Blue and Opalescent Silver Grey, as well as various hide samples.


Bonnet completely stripped
 Modified headlamp opening
was refinished with lead
Doors being re-installed,
with seals and latches
Etching primer baking in Texas sun
Check out the fit
 Headlamp chrome was a challenge,
but now fits beautifully

We now have the modifications to the headlamp openings completed and have trial fitted the new headlamp covers and chrome trim. The last couple of photographs show your completely rebuilt IRS assembly.

Series 1.5 openings will be modified 
to accept S1 style headlamp covers
A lip is welded around the edge
of the opening
Shaping the lip to accept the
glass and rubber seals
Starting to take shape
Conversion is now complete

We have now finished installing the new footwells and sills and have begun the process of modifying the bonnet to 'enclosed headlamp' specifications. I am going to be sending you out some paint samples this week for your consideration!
 Spot welding the passenger
footwell in place
New driver's footwell installed 
Lead loading front and rear panels 
above new sill
Time to install the frames
and the bonnet
Removing old open headlamp
These holes will be welded up
Damage in lower valance beneath
the bonnet mouth
More holes to be welded up
Metal refinished after hols
welded up
Enclosed headlamp diaphragms
and brackets

Lots of progress this week!
Stripping 40 years of underseal
from the underside of the car
With outer sills removed, inner
sill are remarkably rust free
Just a little surface rust on the
support braces
Footwells will be cut out and
Cutting out the footwell
As good an inner sill as you will
ever see on an unrestored E Type
Applying Body Wax
New sill is trial fitted with
doors in place
New bushings pressed into
radius arms
We put them in sideways for
HP IRS rebuilds
Differential (3.54) completely
Front calipers will be used
on the rear
Front suspension has now been
Nickel plated
Darrell prepping the driver's 
floor for the new footwell
RH sill now installed
 Getting ready to install the
new LH outer sill
More Body Wax.... 

With the monocoque completely stripped to bare metal, the next step is to put the car on one of the rotisserie jigs and cut the outer sills off. This is more of a precautionary act than anything else, as there is no obvious sign of rust in either rocker panel.

Amazingly, other than replacing the outer sills (once we have rust proofed the inner box sections), the car really doesn't need any other sheet metal replacement. In fact, I am pleased to report that this is the best condition (unrestored) E Type bodyshell that we have ever seen.


Although not quite totally rust free, (I maintain there is no such thing) I continue to be amazed at how solid this car is. The photographs below show us stripping the primer and also burning and scraping away all the sound deadening material from the topside of the floors, inside the cabin.

We have also received all your powder coating back and will start rebuilding your IRS over the next few days. Your original gas tank was in great shape, so we simply had it blasted and powder coated alongside your IRS components.

 Aircraft (paint) stripper made quick
work of the primer
 Body is amazingly sound
Light green areas have been sealed 
with BASF etching primer
 Removing sound deadening material
is a nasty job
Footwells will be replaced 
Powder coating of gas tank
and IRS components

As you can see, we already have both the engine and IRS rebuilds well under way. Your engine was standard with factory pistons and bearings, etc. Later today we will be submitting your front suspension for Nickel plating.

Engine was factory standard
Flywheel will be replaced with
Team CJ alloy flywheel
Head will gas flowed before and
after polishing and porting
Crank will be custom machined
to accept modern rear seal
3.54 ddifferential ratio
IRS components ready for blasting 
and powder coating
 You did good job disassembling and 
cleaning your front suspension, Doug!

This is unquestionably the best packaged car we have ever received at CJ! I am pleased to report that not only did your E Type survive the journey from Southern California without incident, it is also one of the most solid, unrestored cars that I have ever seen.

I hope you enjoy watching the restoration unfold over the coming months!

Shrink wrapped E Type
We will convert this 1.5 car
to enclosed headlamps
There are a few minor bits
of accident damage
Outer sills will be cut off
and replaced
Boot compartment looks to be
amazingly solid


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