4.2 S1 E Type Jaguar - Job # 1922
Full engine and IRS rebuild


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Full engine and IRS rebuild



Update report - April 7, 2010

IRS now ready for final assembly...

Diff casing has been painted
with red Glyptal
Installing new shocks onto CJ 



Installing re-sleeved and Nickel 
plated calipers

Align hone in progress....


I am pleased to report that we have your engine and IRS rebuilds well underway. Unfortunately, your IRS is probably the worst we have ever seen in terms of condition. We enjoy a challenge, but this thing was really nasty!

The engine has obviously been serviced a number of times. The rod journals have already been ground .030" undersize, so we were fortunate to track down some .040" rod bearings in the UK. The water jackets behind the cylinder liners were completely blocked with rusty sludge so the block required some significant extra time in the chemical wash tank. We have already replaced all the liners and begun honing the cylinders to size.

Engine as delivered
Block torn down
Cutting out old liners on 
boring bar
Water jackets behind liners
were 100% blocked
With new top hat liners installed,
block is surfaced
Valve covers are cracked and
require welding
Drain plug hole will be welded
up and re-cut on the mill
Honing cylinders to size
IRS may be the nastiest one
we have ever seen!
Someone's first attempt at welding,
perhaps (marked X)
Handbrake mechanism rusted and
seized solid
IRS items cleaned and powder 
One hub carrier badly damaged
and had to be replaced
Rear splined hubs also had to
be replaced
Differential now rebuilt


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