E Type Paint Colours

The following links will take you to photographs of E Types painted in the colours shown. The pictures are intended only as a guide. You should consult with your paint supplier for exact colour matches and paint codes.

You may think some of the colours shown (such as black, for example) might be obvious, but we have shown them because it is sometimes difficult to visualize what an E Type might look like finished in a certain colour scheme.

Whenever the term 'opalescent' forms part of the description of the colour, it simply means 'metallic'. Opalescent metallics have much finer metallic particles, and are more subtle in appearance than modern 'mica' and 'pearl' paints.

We hope the pictures are of some use to you.

Click here to see the Roger Los colour interactive page!

Click here to view leather trim samples

Ascot Fawn


British Racing Green

Carmen Red

For a comparison between Carmen and Signal Red

Dark Blue

Light Blue (sometimes called Robin's Egg or Powder Blue)

Old English White

Opalescent Dark Green

Opalescent Gunmetal

Opalescent Maroon

Opalescent Silver

Opalescent Silver Blue

Pale Primrose


Signal Red

Willow Green

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