1955 XK 140 roadster (CK)
Total Team CJ restoration


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Another total CJ restoration to be finished in Pacific Blue with grey hides and a number of Team CJ reliability and performance upgrades, including a CJ5 transmission, uprated brakes, cooling, ignition, etc, etc.



Customer update - October 21, 2012

Hi Dan!

We tied for best in class with John (1963 E Type roadster) at the Houston concours yesterday with a perfect score ... but we trumped John with best in show honors! That gives us perfect 10.0's in Austin and Houston, and a 9.998 in San Antonio (a couple of spots I missed on the headliner).

Should be enough (hopefully) to win national JCNA honors in the S3 division (modified) for the second year in a row !!!

All the best,

Lynne and Chip Keener with their Best of Show trophy at the JCNA Houston Concours

Customer update - November 2011

On 10/23/11, this CJ restored 1963 E Type received a perfect 100 point score at the Houston Jaguar Club Concours. Congratulations to the car's owner and driver, John Knock. By a strange twist of fate that day, John beat another CJ alum, Chip Keener and his 1955 XK140 roadster, into second place.

Chip will no doubt take some consolation in his defeat from the fact that his 99.99 point score, when added to his two previous 100 point scores, makes him a lock for a National Championship in his class.

Congratulations to both John and Chip - and thanks for flying the CJ flag!



October 2011

Jaguar Club of Austin Concours
Best in Class

Another 100 point score and Best of Class win at the JCNA sanctioned Jaguar Club of Austin Concours last weekend. Congratulations, Chip and Lynne!

Some of the XKs on display at the Austin Concours
Congratulations, Chip and Lynne!

September 2011

Jaguar Clubs of the South West Concours
Best of Show

Hi Dan!
Racking up the trophies! Best in Class & Best of Show. We showed the car in the S3 division (modified) at the Jaguar Clubs of the South West JCNA sanctioned concours last weekend. Stunned to get Best of Show!

We're going to try to make it to Austin for the JCOA event next month.  We'll check in with you all if we do.

All the best,

August 2011

Chip and Lynn Keener stopping by CJ with the Keels and Wheels trophy

(Left to right) Carlos, Darrell, Gerardo, Kevin, Chris, Zakk, Chris, Alec, Tammy, Lynne, Dan, Chip, Ray and Andy


The CJ crew
Chip and Lynne with their trophy

May 2011

Keels and Wheels, Seabrook, TX

Best in Class

Click on above photo for a video of Chip describing how he came to own and restore his beautiful Jaguar XK140

Chip has been excited to track down the widow of the very first owner of his XK140, a gentleman by the name of Orrin Dodge Jr. from Buhler, Kansas. Mr. Dodge passed away in 2002, although a surviving friend of his turned up the black and white photos below, taken shortly after Orrin bought the car new in 1955.

Click on the large photo of Chip with his car at the Keels and Wheels Concours for a video describing how he came to own and restore this beautiful Jaguar. The video highlights just how derelict (and incomplete) the car was at the outset of the project. Certainly one of our more challenging restorations!


Update report - April, 2011

Home at last...






Test driving on the roads behind Classic Jaguar. Click on the photo for a short (rather blustery) video clip.




Installing bonnet brightowrk and grill.





This car is rapidly approaching the road testing and shake down stage...





Trial fitting top in conjunction with side screens



Trimming header rails in vinyl






Fabricating and installing canopy straps
Time to install new canvas

Fabricating side screens, restoring heater box, installing convertible top window...

Trial fitting convertible top frame
Preparing to install conv top window
 Carlos stitched new side screens



Original side screen used as template
New heater core



Heater box now looks virtually new

Lots of progress in the trim room...





Carlos has now finished making and installing your new seats. We had intended trimming the seat frame bases in grey vinyl but limited space between the seat base and the seat back led us to paint the frames instead.

 Cutting out the hides for
the seat backs



 Hide covers now finished
and installed



 Untidy welds will be cleaned up
prior to painting
Seat frames painted machine grey 



 The finished article

Carlos has been busy fabricating new custom seat covers for your bucket seats...

Making seat base panels
Eric Suffolk picked out a beautiful
oversized hide for the job
Skiving hide for the hinge covers
Cutting out hide for seat bottoms
Stitching the pleats
Checking all pleats are straight
One seat bottom completed
Note perfectly straight beading
Time to make the seat backs


We have ordered a new hide for your custom bucket seats...


Front bumper installed, trimming interior door panels and crash rolls...



More progress in the trim room...


I am delighted to report that we now have this project back underway. Next up, the restoration and trimming of the dash and seats..

Wooden seat frames are rotten and
will be replaced
Dash being trimmed in grey hide


Your new custom wood rim steering wheel...

The engine bay has been filling up rapidly and we are in the process of installing your Dynamat inside the cabin.
We custom made K&N filter housings
for your Sand Cast SU carbs
Wiring in the front lamps
Installing Dynamat inside the cabin
Also used on the verticalsections of 
the firewall

Installing the restored body back onto the chassis...


We now have your engine rebuild completed. Next we will be installing the engine and transmission to the chassis, then installing the body to the frame.

We now have all your chrome plating 
Resurfacing the intake flange 
Custom CJ ss valves
Note upgraded rear seal
We also machined the freeze plug
holes to accept later style plugs
Next step is to lower the engine onto 
the chassis


Unfortunately this cylinder head was in terrible condition when we got hold of it. As well as being very badly warped, it had extensive corrosion damage and was also cracked in one of the chambers between the seat pocket and the spark plug hole. Although this has been one of the more challenging cylinder head rescues we have performed, I am pleased to report that it is now as good as new and hopefully ready for another fifty years of service!

Head had to be repeatedly heated for
straighteneing and welding
 Never a good thing when a cylinder head has to 
spend time with Darrell in the Coachworks!
 Installing new custom CJ seats
 After cutting the valve job, the welded
chamber cleaned up quite nicely
Cutting the repaired water jackets back 
to the required shape 
Intake flange was also welded due 
to extensive corrosion issues
Look for photos of the finished article 
in the next few days!
 Preparing to resurface the intake flange

Building up the restored chassis ....


Yesterday evening we finished painting the body and doors. I think the Pacific Blue looks absolutely spectacular - I hope you like it!


Yesterday saw the first of the Pacific Blue paint being applied. It is difficult to represent the true color in the photographs, although I would describe it as being slightly lighter than the more common Indigo Blue. I think it is going to look beautiful.

The cylinder head has some serious issues due to extensive corrosion damage. We can save it, although it is going to be a challenge!

Cleaning the head
Extensive corrosion damage on this
particular cylinder head
Water jackets are really nasty
Pressure testing in process
No leaks! 
 Installing and honing new guides
 Rock Guard is applied to the inside of
the front wings....
 ...and the lower section of the firewall
 ....and up inside rear wheel arches
The first of the Pacific Blue is applied 
 This car is as nice underneath as it is on top!



 Cabin also painted at this stage
 I hope you like the color!


The final push to paint includes meticulous trial fit of the chrome and brightwork.

 Windscreen and glass is trial fitted
Grill and bonnet center chrome finisher are 
trimmed to fit perfectly with each other
 Almost ready for paint!

After a lengthy break in the action (at our customer's request) I am pleased to report that we now have this project back underway. First up, a complete engine rebuild.
Rare and desirable 2 inch 'sand cast' carbs
Neither of the two manifolds we
have are serviceable
Unfortunately the spare is also junk
We have a choice of two cylinder heads,
neither of which is very pretty
 Unfortunately, even the better head will need 
some pretty extensive weld repairs

Your chassis has now been stripped, blasted and powder coated - and looks absolutely brand new.


With the sheet metal replacement and the vast majority of the lead loading completed, the car went onto the alignment jig and was sealed with BASF etching primer.



Bonnet had lost of stress
cracks that needed repair
Assembling the driver's door
Trial fitted numerous times
thro'out fabrication process
Lead loading LH front wing
Almost ready to go back on the
jig for priming

This is used to stamp out
the footwell vent
More lead loading

The following sequence shows the fabrication not only of a new RH front wing, but also a new headlamp pod.

This area of the RH wing
will be replaced
Fabricating the new wing
Trial fitting
Hammering it into shape....
A new headlamp pod will
be fabricated
Welding up the new h/lamp pod
What it looked like before the
front was cut out
After welding the new pod in
place, it is lead loaded
Wurth Body Wax
Reconstructed wing now installed


The following photographs show the completion and installation of the LH front wing. Note that the body has been put back on the chassis temporarily while we fit the doors and wings, etc.

Offring the newly fabricated
panel into place
Wurth Body Wax
Grinding the welds
A CJ invisible mend....
Back on the body (note vent has
not been cut yet)

We don't expect to see Lawrence today, at least not until after the Brazil v Ghana World Cup match   The following photographs show what he was he was up to yesterday....
Passenger footwell now replaced
Viewed from the inside
RH inner A post structure
completely rebuilt
Installing newly fabricated LH 
B pillar support
Fllors and sill panels now
welded into place
Front wings will be tackled 

 Making a paper template
for one of the front wings
New sheet metal being cut
to size
Shaped appropriately..... 
 Installing the beading is fun
to watch
 Inner A section being
 New boot floor re-assembled
B pillar repaired 
 Trial fitting the first of
the doors
New forward shut panel has
now been welded in place

With the main tub sand blasted clean, it is now time to start attaching some of the panels we have fabricated over the last week or so.


This week we have been busy fabricating all the various sheet metal panels we need to restore the tub. Check out your new floors, firewall, boot compartment, etc, etc.
Cutting away old boot
compartment panels
Floors removed
All these panels will be
fabricated and replaced
Passenger footwell also
has to go
Boot floor removed
First card templates are drawn
up and cut to size
New rocker panels have been
Making boot side wall panels
Forming the new driveshaft
New floor panel taking shape
Finished boot side
wall panels
Making new boot floor
Floors now completed
Boot floor completed
Underside of the new floors
We have now turned out attention
to the firewall and A post rames
More fabrication underway!

All the various panels for the LH door have now been fabricated. The door will not be assembled until that can be done in conjunction with the restored tub/door apertures. The right hand door is thankfully in much better condition and only needed a new side latch panel. We have now turned our attention to body. Watch this space...

New RH side latch panel screwed 
and riveted in place
New door top panel fabricated
New door bottom panel
Door skin was bent and stretched
into shape
Door top, skin and leading face
panels all now fabricated

Hinges being rebuilt
Both doors have some structural
Passenger door skin is in very
poor condition
First the door is disassembled....
Then all the various panels are
fabricated using new aluminum
Making the new door skin

Time to get another CJ body restoration underway!
Body will be removed and put on
a special jig for blasting
There is corrosion in the inner
A posts
Inner B pillars also have some
corrosion issues
Jury is out on the front wings
until they are blasted
Chassis looks pretty solid
Ready for media blasting
RH sill is rusty
LH sill will also be replaced
Crude patch panel in lower 
RH bulkhead

The following photographs show our latest project car, as delivered. Basically, a once proud 1955 XK140 roadster in kit form! I hope you enjoy following the restoration process unfold - and thank you for entrusting this important project to the Classic Jaguar team.

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