Jaguars on the track at Laguna Seca
March 2003

(Left to right) Fred Secker, Chuck Boblasky and Jerry Mouton
My thanks to Team CJ customers Fred Secker, Chuck Boblasky and Jerry Mouton for sending me photographs of their day at Laguna Seca Raceway earlier this month. It is great to hear about Team CJ built engines screaming around a world famous race track to the delight of their owners/drivers!

Fred Secker is living proof that you can (and should) drive your car even after a full restoration. Having had the full Team CJ treatment a few years back, Fred's beautiful XK 150 S has since been extensively rallied and has logged many thousands of very happy miles with Fred at the wheel. Despite his enthusiasm for driving his car, Fred was awarded 100pts at the San Luis Obispo Concours in the fall of 2002 and finished 2nd in the nation in JCNA concours. Good for you, Fred!

Fred writes:

"I thought you might like to see the 150 in the corkscrew at Laguna Seca! Went there for a track day last weekend - what a blast! 30 laps balls out. Best fun I have ever had. I really hammered the car around the track all day long and it behaved beautifully. No problems at all, even though I spent the entire time between 3,000 and 5,500 revs.

Now the car is in a container on its way to England. Looking forward to a track day at Goodwood on May 5th.

We ended 2002 as 2nd in JCNA National Championships. Not bad for a car that is driven hard! The guys at Laguna Seca were blown away to see a concours car driven flat out".

MIK at speed (Jerry)
In the corkscrew
Chuck with instructor

Fred and Chuck in turn 2
Fred well into triple digits
XK at full chat

D in mirror...
Concours champ - track champ!
MIK in paddock

Vette can't believe its eyes...
Chuck having fun!
D at speed

The Jaguars take a breather
Conquering the corkscrew for
the 30th time!
One of the most famous corners
in the racing world

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