1964 Jaguar E Type FHC (CC)
Total restoration of a single family owned car
Restoration Log by Dan Mooney


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

We are delighted to have been asked to restore this very special E Type for the son of the original owner. It is very rare these days to come across a car that has been in the care of the same family for more than half a century.

Purchased new in 1964 by the current owner's father, the car was originally Opalescent Silver Blue with Light Blue trim.

The restoration will feature several performance and reliability upgrades including a stroked Stage Two engine rebuild, uprated suspension, brakes, cooling, ignition and a modern air conditioning. The car will be refinished in its original livery of Opalescent Silver Blue with light blue Suffolk and Turley hides.

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Opening report - July 14, 2018
Putting the finishing touches to another Stage Two engine rebuild in the CJ machine shop.

With all of the machine work completed, it is time to assemble this special Stage Two engine.

Cylinder head has now been fully rebuilt

Balancing the billet crankshaft
Torque plate honing the cylinders

Final surfacing of the block
Note timing chain is installed for surfacing

Hanging the Carrillo rods on the pistons
Short block assembly underway

We have now received this E Type back after being blasted to bare metal. As usual, the blasting process has revealed a little more rust than was evident before the car was disassembled, but all in all, not too bad. One thing we have noticed is that the left side of the body has significantly more rust than the right. We wonder whether the left side may have been more exposed than the right during an extended period of storage?

Bonnet will be disassembled prior to blasting

Left hand intake will be exchanged with a better
one from our used inventory
Left hand wing clearly has some rust beneath
the paint

Cutting out the outer sills prior to blasting

This is what was hiding behind the LH outer sill

Corrosion behind LH engine frame bracket
Corrosion in LH inner sill

The body will require full floors and inner and
outer sills

Jury still out on whether the boot floor can be saved

Time to melt out the factory lead

Door skins will be removed

Bare metal sealed in epoxy primer

Sealing the door frames

Lots of progress in the CJ machine shop!

Machining 5 angled valve job
Honing tappet guides for oversize tappets

Valve covers polished
Machining surface of cylinder head

Machining counter bores for top hat sleeves

Machining main caps for align hone
Note ARP main cap bolts

Align honing in progress

To be continued!
Carrillo forged connecting rods

We now have the main bodyshell completely stripped and on one of the blasting rotisserie jigs. We have the Stage Two engine rebuild well underway and have already completed the machine work to the cylinder head.

Lots of evidence of the car's original Opalescent
Silver Blue paintwork

Front suspension removed

Floors are extremely solid

Bonnet will be disassembled prior to be blasted
back to bare metal

Engine in the CJ machine shop

Using the crane to remove the head

Tearing down the cylinder head
This engine was burning a lot of oil prior to
being laid up!

100% blockage behind the petcock (drain tap)

Water pump could probably stand a rebuild

Pressure testing the head after initial cleaning

Several water jackets in head are badly corroded

Surfacing the head after weld repairs to
water jackets
Surfacing the head after reshaping the
water jackets on the mill

Intake and exhaust flanges were machined flat
Align honing the cylinder head camshaft caps

Trial fitting cam bearings after align honing head
Port work underway

Pressure testing the head after completion of
the port work
Outstanding (58 cfm) gain on the flow bench

Machining the multi-angled valve job
Honing tappet guides for oversized RBR tappets

Installing tappet hold down kit
Machine work completed on cylinder head, now time
 for cosmetic polishing, painting and assembly

I am delighted to report that we now have this exciting new project well underway!

Our first impression of the car is that is extremely
solid and retains many original features

First task is to remove the engine and drivetrain

All numbers match on this car, front to rear

Seats are as dry and rust free as you are ever
likely to find

The cabin is also extremely dry

This key was found beneath the passenger seat
Gas tank removed

Lights and bumpers were clearly not removed
when the car was painted

Engine and transmission now removed

First engine rebuild report next week!

I am pleased to report that we will have this exciting restoration underway very shortly.

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