1967 E Type roadster (BP)
Major mechanical rebuild/upgrade


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

This car will benefit from a major mechanical rebuild, including a Stage One engine, CJ5 five speed, as well as brake, cooling, suspension and ignition upgrades, etc.


I am pleased to report that we now have your car back together and back on the road. The rebuilt engine and new CJ5 five speed are performing flawlessly. All that remains is to improve the bonnet and boot lid fit for you, then it will be time to ship the car back to California.
 Cylinder head completely rebuilt
Assembling the bottom end
SU carbs rebuilt 

 Road testing now completed

 New 'center lace' Dayton wheels

With the machine work completed, it is now time to re-assemble your engine.

Going back together with the block
Upgraded 360 degree rear seal used
Custom forged pistons installed on
rebuilt rods

We now have your engine rebuild underway. Your timing chain cover had been hacked about and was not serviceable, although we didn't find any other major issues during the disassembly.

Cams have already been reground

We managed to find an alternative RH upper control arm for you and have now completed the suspension rebuild. It is now time to turn our attention to the engine.

Front susp rebuild now complete
Your expansion tank was beyond
economical repair!
New CJ radiator and tank
Time to tear down the ngine
 Old pistons were 8:1 compression
and .020" oversize
Items sent for Nickel plating

To get this project underway, first we pulled the engine and transmission then set about rebuilding the front suspension. In the last photograph below, I have tried to show the wear in the socket of the upper right control arm. As I mentioned to you on the telephone, we have sourced a good used alternative as yours is beyond economical repair.

Pulling the engine
Engine bay is a little grubby!
Engine will be rebuilt to Stage 
One specs
CJ rack mounts and Poly bushings
Assembling your CJ vented brake kit
Upper RH control arm is worn and
will be replaced


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