1984 Lamborghini Countach 5000S (BC)
Long term service care
Service log by Dan Mooney



We are pleased to have been entrusted with the long term care of this Lamborghini Countach 5000S.

Our first task is a routine service as well as the repair and repainting of both rocker panels.

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Update report - March 3, 2018
We have now completed the repairs to the rocker panels, tuned and balanced the carbs and serviced the car. The tanks are filled with Sunoco 260 GTX 98 octane unleaded gas and she is ready to go!

Chris dialed the carbs in on the CJ chassis dyno

135 mains, 50 idle, 200 air and F3 emulsion tubes
Oil change in progress

Both rocker panels have been slightly dented and
will be repaired

Chris will use PDR first to remove as much of the
dent as possible

Filler and block work on rockers after PDR

Masking off pinch seams

Pinch seams painted first with special
trim black paint

Ready to mask and refinish the rockers

Repairs now completed

Update report - February 16, 2018
Both rocker panels on the Countach had been slightly damaged, probably from careless lifting. We will remove as much of the dents and creases as possible with PDR, before doing bodywork and paint. We are also going to service the car and tune the Webers.

As low as the car sits, the rocker damage is
barely noticeably
Car placed on one of the lifts to repair the
rocker panels

To be continued!
Chris pulled both rockers down prior to
doing the bodywork

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