1965 E Type roadster (Allen)


Specification (briefly) for this project is as follows:

Full restoration of an original 11,000 mile car to rolling shell (stage one).


The dashtop has now been retrimmed and installed, as well as the new mirror and the handbrake assembly.
Steering column rebuilt
and installed
Dashpad retrimmed and
New chrome and rear view mirror
Trimming screen pillars
Handbrake now installed

Installing the bonnet, marker lights, front bumpers and the original windscreen.....

The door handles and locks have now been installed, as well as the replated rear bumpers...

RH door chrome fits well
LH door chrome also
now installed
Original boot release restored 
and now installed
 Engine and transmission back
where they belong!

Time to build up and install the doors. We have a slight problem with the RH door top chrome which was obviously warped slightly during the plating process. I tried to take a photograph of the damage for you (see below), although it is not easy to capture on film. Other than that, everything is going together very smoothly.
Door chrome slightly warped
at the front (right of picture)
Passenger door installed
Latch mechanism going
into place
I think we can make the door top
chrome work

As you can see, we have now installed the various dash components and wired in all your gauges. Sam also restored and installed the wiper assembly and the screen washer tubing prior to putting the dash components in place. The wiper bezels you see in the photograph are only temporarily installed (to hold the wiper rack in place) and will be replaced with new items in due course.

This afternoon we will begin building up and installing your doors and bootlid, etc.

Gauges now all wired in...
Glove box restored/installed
Wiper rack installed ahead
of the dash panels

We have now finished refurbishing your gauges and switches and they are ready to be installed in the car.
Sanding and buffing now
Gauges and switches came out 
11,210 miles...
Primary  gauges cleaned up 
very well

We are going to need some guidance regarding how far you would like us to go in refurbishing your gauges. Obviously some of the casings are pretty corroded and will be an eyesore with the centre dash panel lowered. Andy will contact you directly for your instructions.

More reassembly process. As soon as we receive your driveshaft back from you we will install the engine and transmission. In the meantime we are pressing on with the installation of the wiring harness, etc.
Valve covers about to receive
the full buffing treatment
Shock absorbers now installed
Starting to install the
wiring harness
 Installing stainless heater pipes in
firewall (painted black)
 Restored dash panels will
be next
Laying engine bay harness in place 

I am pleased to report that your car is now rolling on its temporary wheels and has been transferred to an assembly bay in the CJ Workshop.
Your car in one of the
assembly bays at CJ
 Engine and gearbox mated 
Installing the front brakes

Let the reassembly begin! As we go back together with the engine frames and front suspension, we aim to have your car rolling on all four wheels by the end of the week.

Per your instructions, we are re-using the black zinc plated bolts where they will be visible and new Grade 8 fasteners where they cannot be seen. If I get a few spare moments later today(!) I will upload some further photographs for you.

We black zinc plated the fasteners
that could be saved
Using new Grade 8 where the
bolts would not be visible....
...and some replated originals to
keep the concours judges happy!
Front suspension going into
Installing the steering rack
More Grade 8 on lower
suspension mounting points
Upper steering column needs
Indicator stalk is rust
 Should we rebuild and restore or replace 
Time to install the IRS

I am delighted to report that your car is now painted and the Opalescent Dark Blue looks spectacular. In fact, having seen how your car turned out, Sam and I have decided to do Evan and Earl's car the same colour.

The following photographs were taken out in the Texas sunshine - the best possible place for the paint to fully cure. The sanding and buffing process will begin this afternoon.


Today is the big day as we are in the process of painting all the outer surfaces of your car. Look for some photographs of the finished product later this afternoon, although in the meantime I thought you might like to see how we replicated the factory crayon markings for you on the firewall and the picture frame.

For anyone wanting to recreate the factory crayon markings on their home restorations, we use the following product: CAMEL TIRE CRAYON part # 17-236 (available at most auto parts stores)

Firewall before....
Firewall after....
Picture frame before.....
Picture frame after....

With all the blocking completed, it is now time to start applying Opalescent Dark Blue. The engine frames and the interior panels (cabin, boot, firewall, underside of bonnet, etc) are the first to be painted, followed by all the outer panels (tomorrow). We would have started this project last Thursday but for some tropical weather we have had to endure over the last few days.
The shell will be sealed in DP50
epoxy primer (see below)
Outer panels carefully
masked off
Engine frames have already
been painted ODB
 Cabin now ready for ODB
Applying the base coat
 Applying the clear coat
ODB colour looks beautiful

Your car has now been thoroughly blocked and recoated with 271 high build primer and a black guide coat to aid in the next round of blocking with will take place in the next week to ten days. After only one round of 271, I am pleased to report that the car is already looking exceptionally straight. As I know you are aware, it is the effort put in at this stage that will distinguish a good paint job from a world class paint job!

I am pleased to report that we have finished trial fitting all the brightwork and trim (except for the headlamp glass which we discussed on the telephone) and now have the car in its first coat of 271 high build primer. The following photographs show it baking in the Texas sun. When the 271 is thoroughly cured, we will block the entire body then recoat it with a further layer of high build primer - followed by more blocking.

With the bonnet and doors now fitted and latching with perfect panel gaps, we just have some fine tuning of the bootlid fit to complete before sealing the entire car with DP 90 primer followed by 271 high build primer on Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Please note, this car is comprised of sheet metal, lead and epoxy primer - there is zero plastic filler anywhere on the car.

Bonnet fit now perfect
Time to trial fit the remaining
chrome components
Body will be sealed again
with DP90 before high build
Bonnet and doors latched
with rubber seals in place
Trial fitting RR bumper....
and left rear bumper
Checking fit of door top

We now have the bonnet fully assembled and the underside of the car has been coated with 3M Body Shutz, DP 50 epoxy primer and the car's first helping of Opalescent Dark Blue!
 Lead loading centre section
Acid washing prior
to DP 90 primer
Assembling the bonnet 
 Almost done...
Body Shutz on underside 
and up above IRS 
 This is where we draw the
line for concours cars
Texture is quite subtle 
 DP 50 (grey) primer
applied over Body Schutz
 Grey provides an excellent
base for Opalescent Dark Blue
 Lots of new oval washers!
 Front arches will also be 
painted with Body Schutz
 Time for some Opalescent
Dark Blue
As good as new...
Accessibility is great with
car still on rotisserie
Booth light doesn't do
the rich metallic justice

With the epoxy primer now dry, it is time to seam seal all the various joints before applying a coat of Body Schutz and then the first splash of Opalescent Dark Blue to the underside of the car.
Seam sealer being applied 
inside the cabin
And beneath the floors
Lead loading the doors

Time to seal up the main bodyshell in DP90 epoxy primer. I have included the first photograph because I can never before recall seeing the steel supplier's brand still visible on an E Type body.
Now we know who Jaguar
bought their steel from!
First the outer body is primed
Then it is flipped to
prime the unerside

An update especially for the Jaguar Club of CT.....

We have now replaced the footwell panels and cut open and reinstalled the floor cross-members (they were in excellent condition internally). We have also acid washed the entire bodyshell again and applied Wurth Body Wax to all the internal box sections. After a little more lead loading on Monday morning, the bodyshell will be sealed in epoxy primer on Monday afternoon.

 Trial fitting rear lamps
Plasma cutter does a neat job
cutting out corroded footwells
Replacement panels
about to be installed
 It was really exceptionally clean
inside the cross-members
Even more so after a
liberal acid bath
Spot welding the new
footwells into place
Passenger footwell also
now installed
Acid washing the entire
Body Wax applied to
all inner panels
Including behind the dash 

We have already begun straightening out some of the dented sheet metal around the rear apron and down the left hand cowl side panel. We will send the items in the last photograph to you (for Cad plating at your local facility) once we have finished with them in terms of door, bootlid and bonnet fit, etc.
Almost done scraping off
all the sound deadening
Straightening out the
rear apron
Lead loaded and 
good as new!
We also straightened the upper
apron and lead loaded that
Another pesky rust hole!
These are the items we are
sending up to you for Cad plating

I am delighted to report that it is now time to attack the bodywork on this project. Although this is one of the most solid E Types we have ever seen, it is still going to need some panel replacement. Close examination of the floors reveals rust holes in both footwells and also a fair amount of suspicious surface rust on the floor cross-members (particularly on the driver's side).

The first job is to remove all the factory sound deadening material as moisture gets trapped between it and the sheet metal. Once we have done that, we will be cutting out the footwells and making an even closer examination of the cross-members. We may end up laser cutting the front section of the cross-members to gain access to the inside of the box section.

Scraping away all the
factory sound deadening
Both footwells have
rust through (holes)
This is the passenger
Surface rust on passenger
crossmember is not bad
Driver side crossmember is
cause of some concern
Truly excellent firewall
Front brakes have now
been completely rebuilt
As has the steering rack...

The IRS assembly is now fully rebuilt.

As you can see in the following photographs, we have been busy restoring and rebuilding your IRS. I'm pretty sure it didn't look this good in 1965!
Comparing colours (left to right): 
Original, CJ paint, aftermarket Girling
New SS pistons 
Bearings were worn, despite
low mileage
Gear lube like treacle
New bearings thro'out
Assembling rear brakes
Exactly as original 
Assembling rebuilt 1/2 shafts
and hubs carriers 
Starting to come together 
Probably better than new... 
Installing new brake lines 
Nickel plated front susp

Your differential has now been disassembled and the casing painted with the paint you provided. Despite the undoubted low mileage, the bearings were in poor condition and will be replaced (retained for your inspection).
Paint available from Eastwood
Concours correct casing....

We have now torn down the IRS and had the various components powder coated. We have also resleeved the calipers (front and rear) in stainless and had them Nickel plated. The front suspension has been sent off for Nickel plating, with the exception of the upper control arms which were badly pitted and will be replaced.
 Stripped fr suspension
Badly pitted fulcrum shafts 
Diff about to be opened 
Powder coating of IRS
Front and rear calipers

As you can see, the body has now been completely stripped and I am pleased to report that the news is excellent. This roadster shell is truly the holy grail - a 100% rust free E Type monocoque!
Original conv top seal?
Chrome finisher filled with lead
Wood tack strip completely 
dry rotted
Original bolts will be black
zinc plated
Ready for plastic media blasting
Very encouraging!
Virtually perfect floors
No rust anywhere
Rear bulkhead like new
Best boot floor I have ever
IRS about to be rebuilt

Bootlid is damaged beyond
economical repair
Solid looking boot floor
Switches are the best
originals I have ever seen
Rear floors solid, front
floor are suspect
Removing dash & harness

I am very pleased to report that you car arrived safely and is already being disassembled in the CJ workshop. We hope to have it plastic media blasted within the next 10 days.

Thanks for entrusting this important project to Team CJ!

 Your car arrived safely!
Duct tape survived the journey 
Laregly stripped out 
engine bay 
 Matching numbers...
Factory crayon markings
on firewall
Switches in amazing condition 
More factory crayon work
11,210 original miles 
Rear apron a little beaten up 
Last inspected 1986
NOS front bumpers?

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