The Team CJ LSR E Type
Rules and general information

Team CJ is proud to announce our attempt at the outright land speed record for an XK engined E Type Jaguar. We have so far been unable to find any irrefutable evidence that any 6 cylinder E Type has ever achieved 180 mph. Our target speed is 200 mph.

In this section, over the coming months, we will chronicle the building of the LSR car, sharing with you some (if not quite all) of its advanced specifications.

Our own Carey Chadd will be in charge of the project, with Bobby Whitehead as his deputy. They will be assisted on a consultancy basis by Terry Handley of Jagpro in Australia and Rob Beere of Rob Beere Racing Services in the United Kingdom.

The vehicle will be driven by Dan Mooney - who will also write out most of the cheques!

We hope you enjoy following our progress.



This class is intended for production sports cars as accepted for GT class which have been modified to such an extent as to make the vehicle illegal for the Production Category. This class is limited to production, a minimum of 500 vehicles of the same model for sale to the general public, sports cars, examples of which include Chevrolet Corvette, Porsche 911, Mazda RX7, and Nissan Z series automobiles. Limited production, 50 examples produced, sports car bodies which may be placed on any frame will be permitted. No "one of a kind" bodies will be allowed. Production sports cars with an engine swap will be allowed.

Streamlining ahead of and including the cowl, channeling, belly pans and skirts is permitted. Removal of minor trim and bumpers is allowed, as long as the body is not altered in length, width or contour. Air dams and spoilers as defined in this book are allowed. Windshields may be lowered or removed. Coupe tops may be chopped. No wings are allowed unless the wing was offered as an OEM item for the year/model of vehicle used. The wing must have been available on the vehicle as purchased new and unmodified from the dealer. The entrant is required to provide suitable documentation.

Any frame may be used which is made of round, rectangular, or square steel tubing not less than 2" x .120", channel not less than 4" x .120", or multi-tube frames which have equivalent strength characteristics.

Maximum wheelbase allowed shall be 130". Any type of rearend may be used.

Engine placement is optional, so long as no change is made to the driver’s location as originally designed. The driver must be seated behind the engine, except in the case of production and limited production bodies which were designed for mid/rear engine locations. The driver must not be restricted from entry or exit of the vehicle by the cockpit covering.

The following items are required: a starter capable of starting the engine, tail/stop lights, a transmission, either manual or automatic, and radiator when originally equipped.

The following items are not permitted: air vents, taping of body or window seams, and headrest fairings which extend past the rear of the body.

This class may run Nitrous Oxide, but will be advanced two (2) engine classes.

Engine classes allowed are: AA, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I
Unblown Modified Sports - /MS

AA/MS Manchen, Manghelli, Kennedy...........L. Kennedy ‘98 251.261

A/MS Moore & Stansbury 2 ...........................R. Moore ‘98 236.142

B/MS Salt Sonnett ...................................G. Potter Jr. ‘98 246.361

C/MS George Potter ......................................G. Potter ‘94 223.388

D/MS Bill Ward Racing .................................T. Confal ‘88 222.965

E/MS Mark Adams ......................................M. Adams ‘97 180.450

F/MS Robert Norwood............................ ..R. Norwood ‘85 169.264

G/MS Doc Jeffries & Dolan ...........................C. Jeffries ‘87 157.596

Relevant Classes


These are the "modified" classes, encompassing vehicles which have been; 1-modified ahead of the cowling; 2- have skirts or spoilers added; 3- have been chopped or channeled. The category includes American and foreign coupes and sedans (and at Bonneville, pickups which have been modified until they no longer fit into the production category). Modified Sport vehicles are included in this category.


The following information is taken from page 14 of the 1999 Rules and Records book. This is not all of the information relating to the various engine classes. If you are interested in learning more about the various engine designations, you may purchase a 1999 Rulebook for $7.00 plus shipping in our products section.

d Engines using a thermodynamic cycle other than Otto

Cubic Inch Displacement

AA 501 cid and over (8.21 liters and over)
A 440 thru 500 cid (7.21 to 8.19 liters)
B 373 thru 439 cid (6.11 to 7.19 liters)
C 306 thru 372 cid (5.01 to 6.10 liters)
D 261 thru 305 cid (4.27 to 5.00 liters)
E 184 thru 260 cid (3.01 to 4.26 liters)
F 123 thru 183 cid (2.01 to 3.00 liters)
G 93 thru 122 cid (1.51 to 2.00 liters)
H 62 thru 92 cid (1.01 to 1.50 liters)
I 46 thru 61 cid (0.76 to 1.00 liter)
J 31 thru 45 cid ( 0.51 to 0.75 liter)
K 30 cid and under (0.50 liter and under)

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